Colluding and Stuff

Ladies and gentlemen, I sit here in my nipple laden corpulence listening to selected offerings from the early 90’s when grunge hit the scene and dispensed with the pop metal which littered the late 80’s.  The news hit this morning that Soundgarden front man Chris Cornell ended his life last night.   It’s sad that so many bands which graced that era with some pretty gosh darned good music have lost their members to their…

"Colluding and Stuff"

Ifs & Butts

I have this friend on Facebook who I literally haven’t seen in over 30 years.  We were friends growing up, having attended the same schools and church throughout our formative years.  Needless to say, our paths have diverged since our senior year in high school, and we don’t appear to have common views on the way things should be run in this country.   A few months ago, after visiting a WWII concentration camp, he…

"Ifs & Butts"

A Last Minute Consideration

  Dear America,   Well the day is here.   For those of you who will be voting in this election, you have a big decision ahead of you.  You have the option to vote for one of the following:   – A brash asshole who has capitalized on the anger of the electorate to propel himself to a nomination – A corrupt and power hungry politician who has cheated her way into a nomination…

"A Last Minute Consideration"

An Open Response

Dear Open Letter Writers,   You know who you are.   You’re the ones who have been writing open letters to those campaigning for the Presidency this time around and posting them on social networking with hopes of making them go viral.  You present yourself as a non-partisan individual who doesn’t pay attention to politics on a regular basis.  The only reason you’re even bothering to speak out now is because the discourse of this…

"An Open Response"

Googling Your Server

"Googling Your Server"