A Last Minute Consideration

  Dear America,   Well the day is here.   For those of you who will be voting in this election, you have a big decision ahead of you.  You have the option to vote for one of the following:   – A brash asshole who has capitalized on the anger of the electorate to propel himself to a nomination – A corrupt and power hungry politician who has cheated her way into a nomination…

"A Last Minute Consideration"

An Open Response

Dear Open Letter Writers,   You know who you are.   You’re the ones who have been writing open letters to those campaigning for the Presidency this time around and posting them on social networking with hopes of making them go viral.  You present yourself as a non-partisan individual who doesn’t pay attention to politics on a regular basis.  The only reason you’re even bothering to speak out now is because the discourse of this…

"An Open Response"

Who Doesn’t Deserve Your Vote?

Okay, the case I’m about to make here has already been made ad nauseam. Even still, the blinders are still on, and I feel it only fitting at this point to make the case right here on the most important website you’ll visit today. This one goes out to all of you US citizens over the age 18 who are registered to vote. Sad to say, it also goes out to the dearly departed who…

"Who Doesn’t Deserve Your Vote?"

Googling Your Server

"Googling Your Server"

The American Voter

"The American Voter"