The Present I Really Wanted

“Okay everyone. Hang on and watch Randy open this one. You’ll want to see the look on his face.” I can’t really say I’ve ever heard that particular statement prior to tearing into a Christmas or birthday present. Naturally, I proceeded with a tad bit of hesitance. When I unwrapped it, I thought it was pretty darned cool. It was a set if 4 dust mops to put on the feet of your beloved pet…

"The Present I Really Wanted"

Adventures In Consolidating Resources

For what it’s worth, I’m all about getting as much use out my stuff that I can.   It has nothing to do with being frugal with my resources or mindful of the environment or hippy dippy crap like that.  I’m just of the thought that if a device is equipped with the capabilities to help perform a certain task or two, then its capabilities should be exploited to their fullest extent.   Case in…

"Adventures In Consolidating Resources"

Drawing Hope

Have I ever mentioned that my pit bull Hope is an attention whore? Of course I have. For those of you who don’t know this little tidbit, allow me to provide some background. For those of you who do know, I need you to bear with me. I have to paint sketch the background in order to make the joke work. Hope is an attention whore. I would expect a lot of that behavior is…

"Drawing Hope"

Solicitors & Unicorns

I don’t really want to spend a whole lot of time here on TharpSter.Org reviewing movies.  That’s not to say I won’t do it though.  Sometimes, it becomes necessary to do so in order to vent another spark of verbal brilliance which periodically ignites between my ears, like when I walk on the carpeted floor while wearing socks and no shoes. This last week for Christmas, I gave the CFO a DVD of the movie…

"Solicitors & Unicorns"

A Palatable Remote

Contrary to popular belief, the worldwide headquarters of TharpSter.Org is not situated on a sprawling, multi-acre resort.  Its constructed structures do not reach high into the sky, and it’s not normally searched out on Google Earth as much as one would believe.

"A Palatable Remote"