Freedoms to Lose

In wandering around the blogs this morning, I ran across one which poses the following question on a blog called Stepping Back:

"Freedoms to Lose"

Was There Anything New?

First of all, let me say right up front that I didn’t watch the Obama healthcare news conference last night.  I missed it due to other pressing matters which actually transcend any contrived crisis which the President and his teleprompter have dreamed up, so I ask you this. Was there anything new? I would honestly like to know, because all I have to rely on right now are my preconceived notions about the entire plan…

"Was There Anything New?"

Cultural Diversity

The Dinka are a group of tribes in South Sudan.  They number around 4.5 million people, and constitute the largest ethnic tribe in South Sudan.  I recently encountered a National Geographic documentary while I was surfin’ the channels like a mad man. The following is a pretty good summary of what I learned in the short five minutes when I actually disengaged my opposable thumb from the ‘channel up’ button. The Dinka are a cattle-centric…

"Cultural Diversity"

Alert Me When…….

Lotus Notes Sametime is an instant messaging utility which allows the voluntary and involuntary dweller of your average sized (and average odor) cubicle to communicate nearly instantaneously with those whom we would otherwise want no contact at all. For that matter, those whom we would communicate with via Sametime probably don’t want anything to do with us either.

"Alert Me When……."

White House to open new investigation

WASHINGTON D.C. – In an ongoing effort to maintain full transparency to the American public, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced late Friday that the White House has ordered an investigation into whether the White House itself has been infiltrated by Decepticons. “The investigation will cover the entire White House and its grounds” stated Gibbs.  “This will include all official and residential areas, with a special focus on items with which the President has…

"White House to open new investigation"