Dear Birthers. Get Over It.

In recent weeks, the push to force the President to cough up the sealed records on his birthplace has gained momentum.  More and more we’re seeing the miracle of free markets generate all sorts of merchandise like t-shirts, bumper stickers, post cards and coffee mugs which proudly display pithy phrases like “Where’s the birth certificate?” and “I can prove I was born here.  Can you?” Excitable malcontents are showing up at town hall meetings held…

"Dear Birthers. Get Over It."

Two Things to Learn From Today’s Big Meeting

I believe the meeting is today where the Bamster is inviting his buddy from Harvard and the guy who arrested him to the White House for a Beer. There are two take-aways the American people should learn from the President as a result of this event: 1. Hyped up issues of problematic race relations can be solved over a beer and a trip to the White House. 2. It’s okay to drink on the job.

"Two Things to Learn From Today’s Big Meeting"

‘Birthers’ Gain Ground on Question of Citizenship

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The White House announced late Wednesday that it would make public all available documentary evidence pertaining to the birth place of the President.  According to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, the administration feels it’s necessary to release all records pertaining to Barack Obama’s birth so the issue can be laid to rest once and for all.  Gibbs reiterated that proof of the Obama’s citizenship has been proven ad nauseam.  “There are…

"‘Birthers’ Gain Ground on Question of Citizenship"

They Just Don’t Get It

For those of you who are not keeping up with the math, July 29th will mark the day 11 months ago in which a grumpy old man from Arizona made a pretty good decision in his ambitious, yet ill conceived endeavor to win his campaign for the Presidency.  In doing so, John McCain and that thing on his cheek propelled Sara Palin and her entire family onto the national stage much in the same way…

"They Just Don’t Get It"

It’s All In the Process?

It’s rare that I ever watch Mike Huckabee on Sundays over on the news channel that charter members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy such as yours truly tend to prefer.  Yet, there I was last night flipping back and forth between him and the lead-up to the finale of Daisy over on VH1 where she was slated to make what would most likely be a pretty bad decision.  If the thick skulls behind Sunday…

"It’s All In the Process?"