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Hat in PencilThe TharpSter Blog has been put into production with the soul purpose in mind for its owner/operator to exercise the writing skills which were discovered in fifth grade with the help of a strict teacher whose name has proven to be difficult to spell, even after 30 years of trying.  The other inspiration said teacher provided was the desire to wear contact lenses.  I wear them to this day; however unlike the enabler of my inspiration, I don’t periodically take the lenses out and rinse them in my mouth in front of an audience of 10 year old kids.  That’s not to say I wouldn’t do it though.  The opportunity has never presented itself.

On this blog, you can count on finding political commentary, humor, or a healthy mix of the two.  On any given occasion, I tend to write about whatever comes to mind first.  As such, it’s usually a crap shoot as to what verbal brilliance I’ll serve up on any given day.  If you can handle wordy sentences which describe a point in the most colorful of terms, you’ll enjoy what you read here as long as you can get past whether you agree with my point of view or not.

You will find very quickly that I am an unapologetic Conservative, which means a lot.  I believe in free markets and a free society.  I believe that government which governs least governs best, and that the current government we have is taking bigger and bigger steps everyday to exceed its paradigm as outlined in the Constitution by taking over the day to day management of our lives.  As such you’ll find my blogs to be critical of the current administration, which stands as the very epitome of what’s going wrong with this country today.  Make no mistake though.  I do not align myself with any political party.  I can be just as critical of the GOP as I can the DNC or any other consortium who wants to run things.

My name is Randy Tharp, and I live in San Antonio, Texas under Stage 1 watering restrictions.  My day to water my crispy brown lawn (a status symbol according to the local news) is Monday before 10 am or after 8 pm, with the option to hand water anytime I darn well feel like it.  When I’m not here generating my words of wisdom and sarcasm for my beloved readership, I’m planted in a cubicle in front of two 20” monitors and surrounded by sneeze guards to catch whatever escapes my inability to cover my mouth in time.  I am blessed with a loving wife and two wonderful kids whom I drive nuts with the seeds of my eventual insanity.

7 thoughts on “About the TharpSter Blog

  1. Randy,

    My first message didn’t go through, I think. It’s great to hear from voices from the past. Your writing style is excellent! You must have had a great 5th grade English teacher. My goal is to someday have a killerball class reunion. Keep in touch.

    Fast Freddie (my nickname at school)

  2. So this place does exist…..whenever I clicked your name on my site it always sent me to a .com site,(usually trying to sell me real estate)so I believed you had just given me a false name so you could sneak in and sell me a time share in Miami. Imagine my surprise when I googled the film Flesh Gordan pt2 and your website popped up third on the list.I had no idea you could act…….

  3. Wait… I’m confused. I typed a whole message here telling you how stupid I am for not finding you before now and two things happened: The message disappeared and come to find out I found you back in 2011. So I take back the part about being stupid. I was suspicious of that statement right from the start. Still, I don’t know where my other clever comment went… Anyway, will follow you again and invite you to peruse some of my essays on conservatism in my neck of the woods. -bzirk

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