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Well ladies and gentlemen, here we are.

When we last gathered around the proverbial dinner table here on the worldwide web to discuss the ever troubling subject of the NFL and it’s colossal inability to manage ambiguity, I laid out a very clear path on how to address the issue of the leagues players hijacking its product to make personal political statements.

Quick side note. TharpSter is almost 50 and can still knock out those wordy sentences.

Put very simply, the directive was very simple. Don’t show me the bullshit.

If I want to see nekid ladies, I’ll go to the gentlemen’s club or the internet.

If I want to see a movie, I’ll go to the theater or the internet.

If I want to see midget tossing, I’ll go to the Toss-A-Torium or the internet.

If I want to watch a sporting event, I’ll go to the event or to the internet. Technically that’s the case. I cut my cable and stream all my of my television needs now.

If I want to watch a protest, I will watch an awards show, the news, or go to the internet.

“If I want to” is the operative word there; especially when it comes to being subjected to the rantings of a protest.

I am not tuning in to football games to find out the players views of its players. Even still the NFL chose to show me this, so I chose not to look at that or anything else in their product offering this season.

I stopped watching around week 4 and completely abandoned my fantasy league around week 6 when I realized that my stand on the matter had to be consistent and clear.

Going into the conference championships a few weeks ago, I had to look up who was still in it.

Here’s a other side note. I’m glad the Patriots are there. The mainstream generally hates them for a host of reasons which tells me the team is doing something right. If my understanding is correct, none of them kneel either.

I was strongly considering watching the game aside from my concerns.

That little inkling went away when the NFL chose to reject a commercial from a veterans groups which focused on the message of standing up.

Where does that leave us?

I’ll tell you exactly where it leaves us.

My customized Broncos jersey and that David Carr Texans jersey I won from a fantasy football championships remain folded in the drawer where I keep a collection of tank tops which show off my freckled thunder.

That Broncos t-shirt in the closet which commemorates the outcome of Super Bowl 50 hangs in the closet.

The tumblers in the kitchen cupboard that feature the Broncos, the Texans, and the NFL remain there without any hope of receiving the cherry lime flavored beverage I imbibe when I’ve had too much soda.

My collection of patriotic T-shirt’s, some of which are sleeveless for that freckled thunder thing, continues to expand.

My rekindled love of baseball has me looking forward to the next season starting up.

Where the NFL is concerned, I’ll miss watching the game this year and penning yet another rant about how stupid I found the halftime show. Until they can figure out that there is life outside of the collective asses in which their heads are firmly shoved, they can go pound sand for all I care.

One final side note.

This piece was thumbed out on the notepad of my iPhone 8 without the use of any aids to correct my vision. My physical ability to see things clearly has just about obtained my metaphorical ability to do the same.

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