Dip Construction

Nearly six years ago, my dear friends, I shared a nifty little nugget of creamy, bacon flavored goodness with the world.

Since then, the world has changed.  You don’t need me to outline all of those changes because you can see it.

You can smell it.

You can taste it.

You can feel the burn in your eye because you failed to wash your hand after handling the jalapeno but before scratching said eyeball.

I’m talking about the jalapeno poppers gosh darn it.

Man alive those things are good.

Now that we’ve set the bar for today’s blog readin’ snack, let’s move on to other things.

In 2015 (that’s #3 in the Year of the Jalapeno Popper), the good people of Disney and Lucasfilm reintroduced us to the Star Wars universe with a new episode in the ongoing saga introduced to us nearly 40 years before.  Since then, we’ve had two more films hit the big screen and a whole roster of more to come before those of us who watched the first one when we were age nine decide to slap the nursing home attendant on the ass one more time before becoming one with the Force, never to be subjected aGungan again.

Since then, those in the TharpSterVerse feel that when it comes to giving their favorite blogger on the whole worldwide web a gift to mark is birthday, Christmas, or successful colonoscopy, it’s Star Wars related.  Sadly, those outside of my inner circle where all of the best conspiracies happen take the approach that the stuff which walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and craps like a duck is exactly what I want.

They mean well, and I appreciate it.

For what it’s worth, the parties within the conspiracy absolutely nailed it this year.  Come to think of it, they’ve generally nailed it anytime they’ve given me Star Wars related stuff because they’ve sought out the unique items they know I will display on a desk or hang on a wall between the Monet and the Elvis on black velvet.

Case in point, this year’s first fruit offerings involved a collection of film cells from The Empire Strikes Back (complete with certificate of authenticity), and two different kits to build my own droids.

One of those kits intimidates me because it involves glue and written instructions in small, low contrast font on high gloss paper.  I’m up for the challenge, and will be starting that bad boy later today.

The other kit involved just over 1000 Lego blocks ripe for being stepped on with a bare foot.  When all was said and done, it took around five hours to construct.

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Afterwards, it was just a matter of putting it in a casserole dish and baking it at about 350° for about 20 minutes and the results comprised of everything you find in a jalapeno popper reconstituted into a delicious dip just begging to be gobbled up.

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