Rigging The Smell Test

Ok people, listen up or you’re going to miss something here.


You should be advised right here and now that I’m not here to whine and bitch and moan about my advancing maturity as I live out the remaining months of my 40’s.  Believe me, I could.  I spent the day with a couple of guys who are 5-6 years my junior discussing gall bladder issues, pendulous testicles, a recent rectal exam, a pending colonoscopy, and a variety of synonyms for the word “taint”.




Instead, I’m going smack you in the middle of the forehead with an epiphonic (that is a real word, I use it on a regulate basis) thump to the forehead delivered by some of the most insightful verbal brilliance you will encounter all day out here on an otherwise dull internet.


So let’s jump right into it.


Whenever an issue or a problem arises, one of the best ways to find the source of the irritant at hand along with a solution is to go back to the point when everything was fine.  If you can identify that point and what change took place at the time, then you’re well on your way to ascending to the level of Issue Management Ninja.


I’m going to talk about two issues, both of which are political in nature.  Ideally, it would seem that these two issues are different.  I’m going to link the two, and show you how they’re related.


First of all, there’s the election of 2000.


One candidate won the popular vote, and one won the electoral vote.  George W. Bush, who won the electoral vote and the White House was dogged for years about cheating to win.  Accusations flew that the Supreme Court stole the election from Al Gore.  All of this was because the race in Florida was so close.  Independent recounts conducted after the dust settled revealed that Bush had won the state fair and square.


In losing the 2000 election, Al Gore proceeded to amass a fortune by furthering his pet cause that human activity here on God’s Green Earth was making it uninhabitable.  In his time since leaving public service, Gore and many of his contemporaries and acolytes within the community of concerned citizens have managed to convince a significant percentage of the national and world population that our beloved planet is in peril and we have no one to blame but ourselves.  Consensus has been built within the scientific community that what Al Gore has been preaching carries some weight.


Consensus does not dictate fact.


After all, there was once a consensus that the Earth was flat.  Sadly, there still is one.


The claims about climate change have been debunked.  Even still the narrative is owned and driven by the left side of the political spectrum, who will continue to frame the dialogue about climate change in the only way they see fit.


Keep in mind that the push for changing our behavior in the name of saving the planet has never been as strong as it is today.  Even those who doubt things are as bad as Gore suggests will still offer up the statement along the lines of “well I believe we are having some impact, but……”  In essence, they’re lending credence to the cause by at least capitulating to the premise that something may be wrong.


And then, there’s the election of 2016.


One candidate won the popular vote, and one won the electoral vote.  Donald Trump, who won the electoral vote and the White House has been and will be dogged for years about cheating to win.  Accusations have flown, continue to fly, and will be flown that collusive activities with the Russians helped to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.  All of this was because the general consensus was that Hillary Clinton was going to win the election handily.  To this point, seven months after the election, no solid evidence has been presented to prove that Russian meddling helped to sway the election results or that the Trump campaign was involved.


In losing the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton will go down in history as the first female President who had the election stolen from her by Donald Trump and the Russians.  Clinton, her contemporaries and acolytes will preach the cause to their dying day that vast conspiracies against her robbed her of her destiny.  A common mantra is developing even among Clinton’s skeptics that maybe the Russians had some involvement.


On a quick side note, let me repeat something you should already know by now.


If you repeat a lie frequently enough and for long enough, people will begin to believe the lie to be truth.


The outcome of two different elections taking place 16 years apart will change the landscape of how we think and behave for many years to come.  Whereas the forces of change from those events could be attributable to the individuals who won those elections and how they implemented their agendas, I would suggest that it was the losers who will have a bigger impact on us.


It’s already happened.


The loser of the 2000 election amassed a fortune convincing the people of the world that Earth is in peril.  As a result, laws have been and are being passed, regulations have been and are being written, agreements have been and are being signed, and behavior has been and is being dictated based on the flatulent machinations of those who are bent on their own wicked kind of world domination.


It will happen again.


The loser of the 2016 election will work to rebuild whatever political clout and power she ever had by spreading lies about why she lost the election.  As a result, the sanctity of our electoral process will be brought into question for years to come.  The validity of a presidency will be questioned based not on what the President can accomplish while in office, but for the mere fact that the loser of that election couldn’t come to terms with understanding the real reason she lost in the first place.


Mark that down as a TharpSter PreDiction, ladies and gentlemen.


Remember how all eyes were on Florida in 2004?


Consider where all eyes will be in the 2018 mid-terms and the 2020 general.


It’s pretty easy to see what the picture is going to be when you start connecting the dots.


Okay, so let’s tie this thing together.


You have one set of lies about how climate change is going to do us in.  This set of lies has been told over and over again ad nauseam to the point where more and more of the electorate absorbs the lies at varying degrees of belief.  Thus we now have additional laws, regulations, agreements, and mentalities.


You have another set of lies that takes into question the outcome of an election.


Now you and I both know the lies will continue to be told over and over again.  When you see the sun come up in the east enough times in a row, you can expect it to appear there every 24 hours or so unless the devastating effects of climate change manage to somehow re-appropriate where the sun comes up.  The same goes for the lies about the election of 2016.


But why?


Why is that the losers of these two elections and their ilk choose to employ a scorched Earth mentality when it comes to dealing with their own personal defeat?


Getting people to change their behavior to one that genuflects to a certain ideology creates generations of sycophantic minions who will keep certain people in positions of power for the foreseeable future.


The losers of the 2000 and 2016 long for power for themselves and their ideological heirs.  Their platforms have proven to be less than successful with passing the sniff test, so it’s important for them to get people used to the smell.

Randy Tharp

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