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Ladies and gentlemen, I sit here in my nipple laden corpulence listening to selected offerings from the early 90’s when grunge hit the scene and dispensed with the pop metal which littered the late 80’s.  The news hit this morning that Soundgarden front man Chris Cornell ended his life last night.


It’s sad that so many bands which graced that era with some pretty gosh darned good music have lost their members to their own respective demons.


Moving on to other things, I’d like to talk about something else that happened last night.


As we all got home from a productive day at work, we learned that a Special Counsel has been named by the Department of Justice to look into the premise that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in order to win the election.


Naturally on that, I have a few things to say.  That should come as no surprise to you at this point.  If I’ve decided to dispatch yet another essay of verbal brilliance to the internet, you can bet your sparkle-butt britches that I have something insightful to say.



Regarding the selection of the special counsel, for the love of all that cheesy and spicy, please have at it.  The appointment of one particular entity to investigate whatever the hell has happened throughout this whole ordeal will bring it all to a conclusion and put all of this nonsense to bed.  At the same time, all of the politicians who choose to take to the internet, the microphones, and the cameras railing either for or against the President can shut the hell up and get back to work doing the work of the people.  As much as I would like to see the President shut up about this issue and focus on his job instead, I don’t believe he will.  It’s just doesn’t seem to be in his character to do so.


That being said, let’s move on.


What’s the crime?


The accusation is that the Trump team and Russia worked together to steal an election.


How did they do it?


Did they hack into the computerized voting systems used in the rust belt where Clinton was supposed to win?




Did they hack any of the computerized voting systems used in the 2016 election?






Well how about the polling?  Did they pay or otherwise compromise a healthy sector of the American electorate to lie to pollsters in order to give the Clinton team a false sense of security?






Oh, I know!


Four legged voting machines, right?


KGB agents accompanied voters into the voting booths and forced them at gunpoint to vote for Trump  That Putin guy is such a sneaky bastard!




Then what exactly did Russia do to influence the election?


Oh, wait a minute.


You aren’t pointing to John Podesta’s emails are you?


That’s an interesting approach.  Let me see if I can lay this one out.


The Russians sent a phishing email to John Podesta, one of the higher up muckity-mucks in the Clinton campaign.  Podesta foolishly fell for it and provided his password to the Russian phishers.  The Russians then used this information to grab a whole buncha email revealing all types of secrets and dirty laundry held by the campaign and the Democratic National Committee.  They then turned all of the email over to WikiLeaks, who spoon fed the American public with it for 3-4 months leading up the election.


Am I right so far?


Of course I am.


Moving further, the content of that email revealed a lot of shenanigans going on between the Clintons and the DNC in order to ensure that Clinton would win the nomination.


These revelations soured the electorate on Clinton and forced them to vote for Trump under duress.


Is that about it?


Well then.  You appear to have nailed it.


What’s your evidence?


Can you prove who hacked / phished John Podesta and stole his email?


Can you prove who gave WikiLeaks the stolen emails?


Can you prove the public release of the truth about the Clinton campaign swayed the American electorate?




Set aside any bias opinions you have either for or against the President and consider the accusations.  Once again, it’s been suggested that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians in order to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.


There’s no evidence our computerized voting system was compromised by foreign or domestic parties.


There’s no evidence the American electorate was forced to vote for any particular candidate in the general election.


There’s no evidence that 11th hour revelations regarding the truth about Clinton were sufficient enough to cost her the election.


There’s plenty of evidence suggesting other factors were at play which resulted in the outcome of the 2016 election.


Dig a little and maybe you’ll find them.




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