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Tim Conway is returning to television.


Viewers among Generation X and the Baby Boomers will find the return of Conway to weekly television to be a welcome homecoming.


siamese_elephantsConway is best known for inciting uncontrolled giggling and urinary incontinence among those who watched him throughout the 70’s on The Carol Burnett Show.  Even to this day some 40 years after the fact, one is hard pressed to find anyone capable of maintaining control of their faculties while watching Conway’s improvised bit about seeing a Siamese set of elephants (joined at the trunk) at a freak show once; complete with a monkey that traversed the line from one elephant to another via the joined trunks.


One little known fact about Tim Conway that not everyone is aware of is that his antics have quietly been attributed to circumstances which led to the death of Harvey Korman in 2008.  Korman was a regular target of Conway’s improvisation during their time on The Carol Burnett Show.  Conway perpetually assaulted Korman with creative accents, physical gags, and outlandish monologues on a regular basis.  Korman’s desperate attempts to maintain his composure throughout his time on the show with Conway may have had physical impacts which eventually led to the ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm Korman experienced months before his passing.


In the years since Harvey Korman left us, occasional tremors have been measured in the vicinity of his grave at Santa Monica’s Woodlawn Cemetery.  Geologists have been studying the tremors since 2008, and are studying whether their frequency and intensity coincide with how often clips of The Carol Burnett Show which feature Tim Conway are viewed on the internet.


The real surprise comes in the plans for Conway’s return to weekly TV.  Variety shows where Conway excelled are a thing of the past, so don’t look for him to roll out his old man bit on a five minute skit.  Instead, look for Tim Conway to put the bad toupee back on and revive his Mr. Tudbol accent in upcoming episodes of Arrow on The CW.


The quality of the show’s storylines have been lackluster this season compared to its 3 sister shows (The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl).  All four shows revolve around the DC Comics universe of superheroes.  Viewers have attributed this to the turnover of regular characters, and the continued presence of two particular characters who as one internet commentator opined; “amazingly butcher their poorly written lines”.


Additional details about Conway’s role on Arrow, whether a good guy or bad guy, have not been announced yet.  According to sources close to the show, the addition of Tim Conway to the Arrow cast is to make the show “..a little less  shitty.”  

Vicki Lawrence is said to be in talks to join the same show so as to keep Conway in check.

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