The Morning After

The election of 2016 will go down in history as…….




The election of 2016.

Image credit to Berkeley Breathed
Image credit to Berkeley Breathed

It’s currently 5:43 am central time on the morning after here at the TharpSter compound in Texas.  I’ve brushed my teeth, put my contacts in, taken my Omega 3 supplement (I don’t like fish), and have perused this morning’s Chive offerings while leaving a gratuitous donation in what Berkeley Breathed once referred to as the Trump Dump.


Sadly the Chive app didn’t feature any new FLBP offerings this morning, so I’m left to other devices to help wake me up.


Thankfully, the news oriented multi-view on my basic cable package features several members of the mainstream and alternate media collectively losing their gratuitous donations to the Trump Dump.


None the less, it would appear that my efforts to outline why at least one of the candidates in the giant basket of Turd Sandwiches and Giant Dooshes should be nowhere near the Presidency were successful.


All things being equal, I was ready to cast aside my personal policy of not using the F bomb on this site if the former Secretary of State and her questionable behavior while in office had been validated by the American electorate.


Fortunately for the sake of respectable discourse and a unique command of the English language, I won’t have to do that.


Congratulations America.


You voted Responsibly.

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