A Last Minute Consideration


Dear America,


Well the day is here.


For those of you who will be voting in this election, you have a big decision ahead of you.  You have the option to vote for one of the following:


– A brash asshole who has capitalized on the anger of the electorate to propel himself to a nomination

– A corrupt and power hungry politician who has cheated her way into a nomination


In addition to all of the open letters, blogs, articles, and opinion pieces which have been laid out for you these last several months which outline very good reasons why you should or should not vote for either of the two candidates which stand to be elected today, allow me to add one more little tidbit.


One of the candidates has been investigated for allegations of mishandling classified material and using a charitable foundation to sell influence and get rich in the process.


You don’t need a summary of those investigations.  That’s what the internet is for.  Go look them up.


After you look it up, consider this.


If the subject of any of those investigations should be elected, consider what’s going to happen:

– The Presidency will be marred by more and more revelations that its occupant is corrupt.

– Congressional hearings and investigations will ensue.

– Impeachment won’t be far behind.


Do you really want to elect a candidate who could be less than a year away from impeachment?


Let’s take that a little further though.


There’s another scenario which could happen regardless of who wins the election.


Consider the fact that the subject of all of the investigations, elected or not, could be pre-emptively pardoned by the outgoing President.


Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon before legal action could be taken against the former President.


George Bush pardoned Casper Weinberger before legal action could be taken against the former Secretary of Defense.


Presidential pardons aren’t supposed to work that way, but that didn’t keep Ford or Bush from taking such steps.


Who’s to say the current President wouldn’t do the same thing?


Knowing that one of the candidates could be on the fast track to a pardon before they either assume the office or return to private life, do you really want that person anywhere near the Presidency?

Regardless of who wins, Obama could pardon the Clintons for any wrong doing


Clinton drinks to drown the tinge of guilt she feels over all of the people whose death she’s facilitated





Randy Tharp

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