Who Doesn’t Deserve Your Vote?

Okay, the case I’m about to make here has already been made ad nauseam. Even still, the blinders are still on, and I feel it only fitting at this point to make the case right here on the most important website you’ll visit today.

This one goes out to all of you US citizens over the age 18 who are registered to vote. Sad to say, it also goes out to the dearly departed who still actively suffrage. Those of you who are voting illegally, you might as well pay attention too. Any of you who fall (literally) in the camp for Hillary Clinton needs to read this.

Now I honestly don’t know the *exact* reason you want to vote for her. Your choice could probably be boiled down to at least one of five reasons which I will address shortly.

In the meantime, know this.

If you haven’t visited this site before, and Good Lord in Butter why haven’t you, you should know I’m no fan. My first exposure to her was during the 92 campaign when she made the remark about staying home and baking cookies. That remark turned into a cookie baking contest between her and Barbara Bush. If memory serves, Clinton’s cookies won the contest.

I’m dubious of the suggestion that she has her own recipe, but that’s another blog for another time on another site because I sure as hell amn’t (that’s right, I just used that word in the correct context) going to discuss the cookie baking skills of a politician. Just know that the ability to develop a contest winning recipe for a cookie involves the innate ability to pour heart and soul into an innocuous mixture of flour, eggs, sugar, and butter. Being devoid of heart and soul, I would suggest Clinton didn’t use her own recipe.

Instead, I’m going to discuss the five reasons behind why you’re set to vote for Clinton. Please note the arguments I throw out there are not based on all of the rumors and conjecture that have orbited the would-be pantsuit in charge and her philandering husband. Instead, I will use the documented facts.

If in the end you still want to vote for her, know that you’ve been duly edumacated about your chosen candidate right here on TharpSter.org.

1. Political ideology – You know what? I won’t go there in an attempt to persuade you from the liberal point of view. The only thing I can really say is that modern liberalism isn’t socialism, but they swim in the same neighborhood pool and trade spare keys to the house in case of emergencies. Case in point, look at Bernie Sanders. Sanders is a self-described socialist who favors Soviet-style lines of people waiting for food.

At the same time, the dude just bought a $600K house (his third) in what many view as cashing in on a payment for running a paper tiger campaign against the heir-apparent. That’s neither here nor there. The only real point to be made is that the self-described socialist has no party affiliations and serves in the Senate as an Independent. As an independent, he could have aligned himself with either party to run for President, or even told the parties to go sit and spin. He ran as a Democrat because of the similarities between his socialist ideology, and what the liberal wing of the DNC has to offer.

2. Party Loyalty – There’s another angle I won’t try to argue with you. It’s like being a Tom Brady fan. Regardless of what he’s accused of doing, or found guilty of doing, his fans are going to stick with him. So even though the top brass within your own party manipulated the outcome of the primaries to ensure that Clinton would capture the nomination, you’re fine with it. So be it.

3. Gender Bias – Hillary Clinton is the first woman to be nominated by a major party to run for the Presidency. Such an achievement breaks the glass ceiling for all women. The nomination and subsequent election of a woman would signal to the world that we’re no longer the misogynistic group of bastages that ever littered the planet. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re past that. We have been for quite some time now. The great strides made by women in this country in my lifetime alone have not been predicated by gender bias being the driving factor. Translation: you don’t vote for someone based on their gender. For that matter, you don’t vote for someone based on their skin color or sexual orientation either. You vote for them based on whether they are qualified for the job. That being said, you need to dispense with your vajayjay guilt on this one.

4. Qualifications – Now obviously the former First Lady, the former Senator from New York, and the former Secretary of State have all accomplished a massive laundry list of tasks that she’ll be more than happy to share with you. Child health insurance and triumph *cough* in the middle east are just a few. There are other accomplishments that she won’t share with you though. Innocuous as they may seem to her, I think it’s pretty darned important to list those other accomplishments. This is because they will serve as a clear and present harbinger of things to come in the event America suffers a sudden loss of cabin pressure in November and Clinton gets elected.
Benghazi -On September 11, 2012, the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya was attacked by Islamic terrorists. Afterward, additional US assets were attacked. The attacks resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three CIA contractors. Several others were injured. In the aftermath, the Obama Administration characterized the attack as an uprising in response to an anti-Muslim video that had been put on YouTube. It should be noted here that as the attacks were happening, players within the Obama Administration were full well and aware that this was a terrorist attack and not a reaction to a YouTube video that no one had heard of.

During Congressional hearings on what happened in Benghazi, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took full responsibility for security lapses at the compound. Take what you will out of the Benghazi attack but make no doubt of the following:
1. Clinton (along with others in the administration) lied to the American people about the inspiration of the attack.
2. Clinton failed to keep safe the American assets stationed abroad.

Your candidate has lied to you and failed to keep your fellow Americans safe. Is this who you want as your President?

The server – In the aftermath of the Benghazi attack, investigations took place in an effort to determine why American assets found themselves in the situation they did. Additional questions came up as to why no additional support was provided for our efforts at the compound. In the process, it was found that the Secretary of State was running her official communications (email) through a private server. At least at one point Clinton indicated that it was easier for her to combine her work email with the email of the Clinton Foundation on one mobile device instead of having to switch between the two. You realize I’m about to call “Bullshit” on that one, right? Of course I am.

First of all, being Secretary of State makes you accountable to your boss, the American people. Running your work email through a private server where your employer doesn’t have the ability verify that you’re doing your job correctly is a major no-no. That’s especially true when you’re working for the American people.

Second, there’s an app for that. Technology has advanced far enough here in the 21st century where the work email could have been routed through a specific mobile phone app. These communications could be kept separate from that of the Clinton Foundation. Even then, what if there weren’t an app?

Email application on mobile devices are capable of handling email addresses through multiple servers. The premise that the former Secretary of State had to run all of her email through a private server due to the technological limitations holds about as much water as a douche bag constructed of cheesecloth.

Thirdly (is that a word?), consider the efforts that Clinton had to undertake to put the private server into place. In setting it up and adding her official Secretary of State email to it, Clinton’s technical people had to bypass government level security measures. They generally had to hack the system so as to route Clinton’s emails away from the State Department servers to a private server. During the investigation of the set-up of this server, it was reported that Clinton’s technical people either asserted their 5th Amendment rights or were even provided immunity from prosecution when it came to answering questions on how they got the server set up.

So let’s focus on a couple of nuggets of knowledge here.

1. Clinton did not want to run her official communications as Secretary of State through a server where her boss (the American people) could see what she was doing.
2. By setting up the server, Clinton broke a host of laws around electronic communications and data security.

Your candidate has demonstrated that she does not feel accountable to the American people, and is willing to break the law to avoid that accountability. Is this who you want as your President?

Email handling – In the conclusion of the investigation of the private server which was conducted by the FBI, it was determined that the Secretary of State had acted carelessly with the handling of sensitive information. Hackers were able to exploit the server’s safeguards and gain access to untold amounts of information and data that should never have been there in the first place.

Your candidate has demonstrated that she does not have the ability to safeguard sensitive information which is vital to the safety and security of the American people. Is this who you want as your President?

5. She’s not Donald Trump – No, she’s not. Don’t vote for her just because she’s not Donald Trump. There are other candidates running for office who aren’t Donald Trump either. Of everyone who’s running, she’s the only one who has shown a willful disregard for the safety and security of the American people.

Is this who you want as your President?


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