You Can Leave Now

Okay, now that Trump is just about done doing to the GOP establishment what he really needed to do, he needs to start designing a strategy to get the hell out of the race.


I doubt I’ve said it here to this point, so I’ll say it now.


The GOP has developed a practice in recent election cycles of wrapping a belt around it’s bicep and smacking the inner elbow in search of a good vein to receive a candidate capable of keeping the party flaccid and ineffective for years to come.  This year’s offering of candidates has been no different with a wide variety of points of view in the right wing spectrum from the moderate to the full blown.


The last couple of times around, the righties with valid bona-fides were swept out and the moderates got there shot.


You may recall a blog I wrote 5 years ago about the subject matter where I opined about the fact that Trump should have hung in the longer (for the 2012 cycle) because he was saying some things that needed to be said.


At this writing, we now have two candidates the establishment can cleave to.  The other two they absolutely hate, and the other one doesn’t really scare them so much because he’ll most likely be gone in a week, absent a kick ass performance on Super Tuesday; which is doubtful.


The reason we’ve managed to do away with the moderates and establishment types in this cycle is Donald Trump.  Thanks Don.  By doing whatever the hell it is that you’re doing, you’ve kept the weakest of our candidates which could have risen to the top of the crop from gaining any real momentum in this race.  Your work is now complete.  We’ll call you the next time we have more moderates to vanquish.


In the meantime, GTFO.


I know.  I don’t use such brash language on here, the most insightful website known to man, but it’s necessary at this point.


Here’s the problem.


The reason The Donald has gained the traction he has is because he’s railed against the establishment.  For those of you not in the know, the establishment has been betraying the electorate big time since the 2010 mid-terms when the GOP regained control of the House.  They’ve made promise after promise about fighting the White House and its agenda, only to give in over and over and over again.


The electorate who put the GOP back in charge of the House in 2010 and the senate in 2014 are pretty pissed off as a result, and they no longer want any part of the mindset that is afraid to fight the White House.  As a result, they want a candidate who is going to fight the establishment.


Donald Trump has been the most vocal about doing that.


Here’s the problem.


Donald Trump isn’t a conservative y’all.

At best, he’s a moderate with a bull horn.


Donald Trump has championed plenty of causes on the left.
Donald Trump has given money to plenty of politicians on the left.


Donald Trump has made plenty of deals with politician on the left.


I personally don’t trust him, and even more, I would encourage Trump supporter who call themselves conservative to re-examine either the Trump conservative resume, or the definition of conservatism.  There’s not a whole lot of overlap in the Venn diagram on that one, y’all.


Vote Responsibly Y’all.




Randy Tharp

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