Connecting The Dots

Alright gang.


Get your big purple crayon out and get ready to play a spirited game of dot to dot.


From a mathematical point of view, it takes two points to define a line.


With that being said, let’s look at some of the things the Obama Administration has done during its tenure and see if we can’t draw a line to what’s actually going on.


Point #1 – Shortly after the 2010 mid-term elections which turned over control of the US House and countless state legislatures and governorships to the GOP, the Transportation Safety Administration instituted new screening rules at this nations’ airports.  The general rule was that all travelers had to subject themselves to a scanner which generally created a nekid picture of said traveler.  If such a scan was refused, then an aggressive pat down would be performed by TSA agents stationed at the airport.


It wouldn’t initially seem that one event was the result of the other.  At this point, bear with me while I throw something out there.  Remember that one point doesn’t define a line.


The 2010 mid-terms served as a mandate on the liberal agenda which had been pushed at the outset of the Democrats’ successful effort to wrest control of Congress in 2006.  That particular Congress defunded a proposed border fence which was slated to curtail illegal immigration, but that’s neither here nor there at this point, even though there is some relevancy to the way things are right now with Congress defunding stuff.


Once the President took office in 2009, the aforementioned liberal agenda was infused with nitrous and given carte blanche to do whatever it wanted.  As a result, Obamacare was passed under very unique circumstances.  Rules were changed.  Lies were told.  Numbers were fudged.  The electorate became pissed.


In order to curtail the agenda, the electorate who votes in mid-terms moved to mitigate the damage.  Understandably so, the Administration was less than pleased at the outcome of the election.  In turn, they put the TSA screening rules in place as a way to punish the electorate for not keeping the right political party in power.


In one word, I’ll call it retribution.


That’s a little far fetched, don’t you think?


Keep reading.


Point #2 – In the spring of 2011, the state of Texas took up a bill which would criminalize the enhanced pat downs employed by TSA agents in airports across the state.  Big picture, the bill required the TSA to preserve the 4th Amendment rights of air travelers by showing probable cause before proceeding with a pat-down.


At the eleventh hour, members of the Administration stepped in and told Texas under no uncertain circumstances that the TSA would look to cancel flights into and out of Texas if the bill became law.  Texas relented, and the gropage continued.


Yeah, that one isn’t so far fetched.


Texas was threatened with retribution.


Point #3 – During the current shutdown, we’ve seen some less than admirable behavior from the Administration in order to drive their point home. was shut down until public outcry got it back on line.


Death benefits for veterans have been suspended.


National parks and memorials have been closed.


We already know that the Administration feels that government should be involved in every single bit of our day to day lives.  Efforts to close down various services and properties because of a budget impasse drive it home that this is the way they feel.


It would seem that the Administration is trying to make the electorate suffer because they haven’t gotten their way.


There’s a word for that, and it’s called retribution.








Two points define a line.  A third point tends to confirm that you’re looking at a line.



Randy Tharp

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One thought on “Connecting The Dots

  1. Yeah, and today, the very next day, we read that they took an 18 month old baby girl off a plane because she is on the “no-fly” list. Yet we’re supposed to believe a guy is caught with a hidden gun, says his wife did it, and the TSA says, OK, no problem, have a nice trip? And TSA believing the “wife did it,” yet no names given, no arrest? This doesn’t pass the smell test. If this was a false flag op I suspect it will get about as much coverage from the Obama media as Fast and Furious, or The One’s numerous direct violations of the law and US Constitution. And at the same time, note, the Criminal Holder is suing Sheriff Joe in Arizona, but can’t be bothered with death threats by the Black Panthers, or someone like John Corazine, who openly stole some $2 BILLION. So, enforcing laws this criminal administration doesn’t like demands a trial, but open fraud, theft, and solicitation of murder is OK, as long as you’re cozy with the Obama Mafia. Has there ever been a more openly corrupt DOJ?

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