The Azul Proclamation

Howdy y’all.


Yeah, I know it’s been awhile since I graced the internet with a new post.  To be honest, the rigid standards I placed on myself with Letters From The Past during the year of 2012 pretty much took away my tolerance for writing crap and then displaying the unmitigated gall to publish it.


Certainly the effort produced a couple of good ones and taught me to show some restraint with my verbal brilliance.  Otherwise, it may have taken its toll on me in other ways.


None the less, those days are gone for now until I become punch drunk enough to do it again.


We’ll see.


For those of you who may care, my activities here around the domain since my last blog where I described the adventures of geo-tracking my lawn mowing efforts have been pretty limited, yet consequential.  I changed my virus protection for the vast network of computers under my care.  I’ve also recently upgraded to Office 2013.




*Pause for effect*


It would seem both of those steps got-r-done, because my laptop has never run better.


But you’re not really here to learn that I’ve put an anti-virus software product in time-out for now, are you?  There’s got to be a reason why I’ve decided to post something if I’ve made the decision to stop posting absolutely all of the flotsam and jetsam that careens through my skull.


You’re absolutely right, and you couldn’t have picked a better time than now to see what your favorite blogger on the whole worldwide web has to say.


TharpSter has an announcement.


As you may or may not know, I’m a pretty private person.  I haven’t taken steps through this site to let you know what I look like, or what the names of my wife and children are.  You know more about my dogs Hope and Faith than you do about me.  That’s on purpose.  I generally avoid tipping my hand on a wide variety of subject matter about my life for a multitude of reasons.


After weighing all of the options and considering the potential impacts to me, my family, and my friends (239, according to Facebook), I’ve decided to come out about one of the lesser known details of my life.  My decision to make this announcement doesn’t come out of a sense of jumping on the bandwagon with others in the public eye who have made similar announcements recently.  Instead, I’ve put a great deal of thought into the matter, discussed it with my loved ones, and have determined that now is the time to put it out there for the world to know.


My favorite color is blue.


To consider it, I would have to say the shade of blue I have in mind is the one sported by Smurfs (no picture available).  Even though I don’t particularly care for the Smurfs, I do like their choice in skin color.


For as long as I can remember it has always has been my favorite color.  At this point, I can’t envision favoring any other color as much as I do the color blue.


I’m wearing blue right now.


The Otterbox case on my iPhone is blue.


My website logo is blue.


I’m very comfortable with blue being my favorite color, and my decision to make my love for the color public comes as easy to me as it does to announce that I’m short, bald, fat, and just a touch phlegmatic.


blue toiletAt the same time, please understand that I bear no ill will to those who don’t favor the color blue.  I generally don’t care, and don’t really need to know what their favorite color is.  Instead, I just sit here in a state of pyloric nirvana ensconced in my favorite shade of toilet bowl water blue looking for opportunities to glorify its visual palatability.


Please don’t take this announcement as a vehicle to identify me as the guy whose favorite color is blue.  I don’t derive my identity that way.  For those that do want to self-identify or be identified that way, so be it.  That’s their choice to make.


I’m just the guy whose favorite color is pretty inconsequential to all parties who don’t occupy real estate within the expansive confines of my mind.


Coexist y’all.



Randy Tharp

TharpSter is a husband to one woman, a father to two kids, a master to two dogs, an occasional cubical occupant, and unable to make up his mind on an adequate theme for this website.

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