Blue Shirt Thuggery

“Does that mean that everything that’s happened here in the last ten minutes will probably show up out there on the web?”


Jump back in time a few minutes before when I was asked about the meaning of TharpSter this afternoon by a Genius donning a blue shirt at the Apple store this afternoon.  He had done a diagnostic on the portable version of TharpSter.Org that is my iPhone.  After seeing the name “TharpSter” on the phone and on my hat, it was inevitable that a rightful combination of curiosity and relationship building skills prompted that he test the waters by making small talk with me, one of the many crackpot customers he would encounter today.


Authors note:  The “crackpot customers” assessment is purely mine and in no way reflects the opinions of the good people who work for Apple and how they feel about the blue pill guzzling matrix dwellers who  help to turn the cogs and sprockets of free market capitalism buy purchasing and using their wonderful products.  After all, there’s an app for that.


Anyway, the Genius asked what TharpSter was, and I told him about the vast collection of documentary evidence which will be used against me in an eventual and as of yet unscheduled competency hearing.


“No kidding,” he replied.  “What do you write about?”


“Basically just a bunch of smart-assery which hyperbolically reports the events of any given day in my life.”


To see his response to that statement, go back up to the top of today’s entry and read the opening statement.  At this point I’m just following through with my response to him.


“Most likely so, but no matter how well things go here and how pleasantly satisfied we are with your service and attitude, I’ll still refer to you as a ‘Blue Shirted Thug’ at one point or another.”


All things being equal, kudos to the guy who assisted Wifey and I with our phones.  In a matter of 10 minutes, he resolved a battery issue on one of our phones and identified and solved a problem on the other one which we didn’t even know we had.


In other news, today marks an anniversary of sorts in the life of yours truly.  It was twenty years ago tonight that Wifey and I went on our first date.  To mark the occasion, we spent the afternoon together eating barbeque, watching a movie, and having matching diagnostics run on our iPhones.


iphone backgroundIsn’t that romantic?


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go re-personalize my iPhone.  In the process of fixing the hidden problem, the Blue Shirted Thug removed the background photo of the TharpSter dogs along with all my tunes from my iPhone.  I have to put that stuff along Angry Birds Star Wars back on there.


Boom Shanka y’all.



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