The Weight Of The Matter

As my first post of the year in which I’m shooting to write more fiction, I’m offering up The Weight Of The Matter.


The idea has been batting back in forth in my head for the last month or two, and I finally sat down and wrote the piece.  The only problem is that it’s just under 4000 words long.  With all due respect to my beloved readership, I’ve decided to break the story up into four separate posts so as to make it a little easier to read.


fiction As an added benefit, I’m not going to post all four parts at once without making you wait a day or so to see what happens next.


Each part is linked below.  I hope you enjoy it.


The Weight Of The Matter

Part I:  The Assignment

Part II:  Taking It From Them

Part III:  Letting Them Give It To You

Part IV:  You Don’t Really Need It


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