And It Practically Ends With This

Editors note:  Today’s foray into verbal brilliance for an otherwise dull internet will be the last, plain Jane, no frills, middle of the road installment of Letters From The Past.  The remaining three posts of this year are crafted as retrospectives on a cockamamie, ill-conceived goal to publish daily, coupled with the 2013 TharpSterLutions.


On to the rambling.


For those of you who may not be aware of this little tidbit, I’m on vacation from Cubeville until January 2nd.  I’ve been there since quitting time on Monday 24th.  Let me assure you that the entire time I worked that day and the Friday before were incredibly painful.


There’s nothing like anticipation of a holiday break coupled with a vacation to make those last few days in the fabric covered box go by with the velocity of [insert a slow metaphor right *here*].


None the less I’m out now, and pondering a way to look forward to returning to the rigors of managing the day to day events which inspire others to utter words such as “Oh crap.  Call Randy.”


In the last few days out of office, I’ve achieved…….


Okay, I haven’t done a whole lot.


This afternoon, I took the bathroom trash out.  I’ve returned to my workout routine which has been on hiatus for the last several weeks.


For the record, get on the elliptical machine and blast the live version of Myles Kennedy and Slash playing Paradise City directly into your skull.  If you get that stuff loud enough, you won’t hear your desperate grasp for a final breath.


I also spent about an hour in a department store burning a gift card.  Sadly enough, there weren’t enough dark solids to keep my pyloric valve in a contented state of nirvana.  I ended up getting something red, something burnt orange, and something blue.  I also picked up a bag of Ghirardelli chocolates (peppermint bark) which will serve to negate the achievements I made at the gym while listening to some kick ass tunes.


Generally speaking, I have no real plans for the time I’m out of office short of a couple of general maintenance items.


Granted, there is one small exception.


Lord only knows why, but I keep watching the Kelly Clarkson “Stronger” video on YouTube.  Sure she has a good voice, but I’m not really interested in her genre.  As such, I can only name one of her songs.  All things being equal, I believe the last time I even said her name it was the last time I went to get my chest hair waxed and things got a little too close to the remnants of that sebaceous cyst which now resembles a superfluous nipple.


I think they call those things nubbins.


Anyway, having that scar tissue ripped out courtesy of some hot wax and duct tape hurt like the Dickens.  It subsequently made me yell out the first thing that came to mind.


Kelly ClarksonKelly Clarkson!


No, that’s not right.  That happened in a movie or something.


Anyway, I’m thinking about taking on the momentous task of learning the choreography that takes place in the “Stronger” video.  Certainly, it’s not as ambitious as that which appears in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, but it does offer more of a challenge than [insert your own choice of a lame dance video *here*]


Oh, by the way.  I finally bought the Kevin Smith book I reviewed several months back right here on TharpSter.Org.  I only did so because I received a gift card for purchases on my e-reader.  Between the purchase of Angry Birds Star Wars and the book, I’m set for awhile.


Now that I’ve said a whole lot of nothing, I’ve got to go put the finishing touches on this Letters From The Past thingy.  I can only hope it turns out better than whatever the hell today’s entry was.


Editors post script:  Yeah, this one was pretty lame. 

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