My Precious!

The Pentel RSVP pen which feeds black ink through its medium point represents the absolute finest in writing utensils which are made available through office supply stores and mass merchandisers  courtesy of shrink wrap and cardboard.


Forget about the Bic Banana, the Cross Tech 3 (complete with an engraved representation of the company logo and presented upon hitting your five year anniversary with the company)  or some clicky, clicky ball point pen.


If you want to git-r-done on those rare occasions here in the 21st century where you actually have to write something down, the Pentel RSVP in black with a medium point is the way to go.  It doesn’t suck through the ink like one of those gel pens or the last quarter tank of gas in my 97 Jeep Cherokee.  At the same time, it doesn’t skimp on the ink like its fine point companion.


Recently, the stresses of Cubeville have rendered the presence of the Pentel RVSP pen in black with a medium point completely absent.  Midnight raids on the supply room at the other end of the complex were discontinued a few years ago out or respect for newly installed motion detector cameras and roving security guards armed with a black belt in Rex-Quan-Do and a sense of purpose.


Rightfully so.  There are Pentel RSVP pens in black ink with a medium point to guard from the likes of belligerent malcontents like me who have discerning demands in their writing needs.


Well, ladies and gentlemen, the planets must have lined up for me the other day.  Most likely it was due to the upcoming Mayan Apocalypse.  Even still, I became the proud recipient of two, count them two, brand spanking new Pentel RSVP pens in black ink with medium points.


It was awesome.


There is no substitute.


Imagine my depression inducing dismay the other day when one of my Pentel RSVP in black ink with a medium point pens left me.


It wasn’t stolen.


It wasn’t loaned out and not returned.


It wasn’t taken by some Hobbit who found it in a cave.


Instead, it was dropped right out of my hand.


I was sitting there in my cubicle on the phone with the Pentel RSVP in black ink with a medium point pen in hand.  For reasons I will never know or understand, the pressure required by my opposable thumb to keep my new prize in hand up and failed.


That’s right people.  I dropped my Pentel RSVP in black ink with a medium point.


No big deal, right?




I didn’t see it land (I heard it), so I can only guess what happened.  It fell to the floor and did one of three things.


It engaged a cloaking device.


It ran away.


It was taken by a Hobbit wearing a ring which granted him the power of invisibility and long life.


I could not find that Pentel RSVP in black ink with a medium point to save my life, or presumably the life of my new Pentel RSVP in black ink with a medium point.


How on God’s green Earth does a Pentel RSVP in black ink with a medium point pen, the most precise, excellent, and awesome writing utensil in the world, just disappear from the carpeted floor which resides less than 3 feet below the tuckus you’ve planted in the Steelcase ergonomically inspired Leap chair which rounds out the confines of your fabric covered box?


It boggles the mind.

Randy Tharp

TharpSter is a husband to one woman, a father to two kids, a master to two dogs, an occasional cubical occupant, and unable to make up his mind on an adequate theme for this website.

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