Ramblin’ On

Earlier this evening after returning from walking the pit bull, I was dispatched to kitchen to stir the vittles that were simmering on the stove.


Hamburger Helper.


Actually it was the store brand where the mascot on the box only features  one finger of the signature talking glove.  No additional details will be offered up on which finger is featured.


Cheeseburger macaroni.


As I glanced at the confrontational finger in the empty package next to the skillet, I stirred the simmering mixture and had a minor flashback.


That particular dish was the first one I ever learned to prepare.


Yeah, I don’t really have a Homeric story about that particular event in my life.  I just needed an eye catching witticism to open today’s blog.  In the journalism business, they call that a lead.


Technically speaking, the lead I offered up in today’s post doesn’t qualify as a lead from a journalistic point of view.


Granted, the exercise of reportin’ stuff as practiced by today’s media falls a great deal short of journalism.


Based on that alone, what I offered up is just as much a qualified lead as anything appearing in the newspapers nowadays.


I will say this though.


Today’s post, much like the once respectable profession of journalism, is going nowhere.




I have 31 posts to write for December. I’ve written the first 5 days, plus today’s entry.  I’ve also written the last entry which is scheduled to 12/31.


If my math is right, that leaves 24 more rambling soliloquies for you and me to endure in order to fulfill (autocorrect changed that to ‘futile’) the most ambitious TharpSterLution to date.


I don’t even have a one liner to finish this one off.

Randy Tharp

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