Another PreEmption

Yeah, yeah.  I know.


I have a good reason for pre-empting today’s blog that is better than the mere fact that I’m suffering from a little writer’s block.


Little writer’s block.


Does that mean a little writer is suffering from a lack creativity?


Or does it just denote the minimal volume of said lack of creativity?


Regardless, neither apply in this case.  Tonight, I’ll be partaking in a sampling of culture and high society as I attend an orchestra concert.  Junior will be donning his fancy black t-shirt which looks like a tux and breaking out his banjo, washboard, and whiskey jug in order to provide the good people of the college town in which he lives a small taste of music which goes beyond the Billboard Top 100.


Naturally, my attendance at said concert will not be lacking in 21st century technology though.  You see, Junior is about 6 hours away.  Granted the margin of error on the length of the drive to get there is +4 hours if you take I-35 (aka “The trans-Texas parking lot”) to get there.


So instead of driving my plumber’s butt up there to enjoy such a brilliant touch of culture from the confines of a theater-like seat where the surly individual sitting next to me refuses to halt their perpetual flatulence for the duration of the concert, I’m going to watch it on-line.


That’s right people.


The tools of the modern age are allowing me to watch the kid play on line.  I’ll be able to do it from the comfort of my own couch and pass all of the gas I want.


It will be great.


Speaking of passing gas, I’d like to send a special shout-out to the good people at Subway.  Tonight, I sampled the Chipotle Steak & Cheese sandwich where I had them add pepper jack cheese, assorted veggies, and avocado.


It’s quite inevitable that I may regret my choices later on tonight as my dietetic satiety metabolizes that 6″ masterpiece, but boy howdy, that thing was  good.


That’s about all for now.


Onto the pre-emption.

Randy Tharp

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