Crunching The Numbers

Today’s blog will be slightly pre-empted in favor of a challenging attempt to solve a math question.

Ideally, it’s a pretty easy question.


No, it’s not what you get when you multiply six by nine.  We all know the answer to that one is 42.


Instead, the math question de jour involves dividing 1301 by 52.  While you ponder that, let me ask you a question or two.


When you come here to this website which is designed to provide verbal brilliance to an otherwise dull internet, I would expect that you arrive here by one of two ways.


The first way comes by a matter of subscription.  In essence, you follow me via social networking, RSS feed, or email updates in order to catch the latest piece of malarkey I’ve posted to the web.  Let it be known right now that I’m incredibly appreciative of the fact that you go through the step each and every day to read what I have to say.


Thank you.


Understandably so, those of you subscribers read whatever I have to say and go on with your lives.  You don’t linger or loiter because you have a pretty good understanding of what I’m about and what I’ve written.  It’s not necessary for you to read a bunch of my blogs in a single sitting because you have an ongoing practice of reading them one by one, as they get published.


Once again, thank you.


The other method in which you arrive is by using Google on a Firefox browser to search out terms like “Constitutional Convention”, “Lipton Green Tea”, “Hamburger Helper”, “Princess Diana Scars”, “U-verse Remote”, and “Keyboard Face Smash”.  Sadly, you aren’t searching for the “Tufted Titmouse” as much as I’d like you to.


I’m quite fond of that story.


Traditionally, when you arrive here by searching out the aforementioned terms and a host of others, you read what you were initially looking for and a few others on average.


First of all, I thank you for landing here and giving me a shot.


Second of all, I thank you for hanging around and reading a few more posts.


Thank you.


My questioning now points more to those of you who arrive here by merely searching out a term or two.


How many of my blogs do you read upon arriving here?








That’s cool.  I love that.


Thank you.


Yesterday, you appear to have done more reading than that, and I’m trying to understand why, how, and all of that other stuff.


How much more of that, you may ask?


Consider the fact that 52 unique visitors committed to 1301 page views yesterday.  I’m not talking about hits from the RSS feed, or any of the web spiders which do their web spider stuff.


Do the math on that bad boy and the result reveals that visitors arrived here today and read and average of 25 blogs each.


25 blogs each.




I don’t read that many stories on any website I visit.  Even this one for that matter.


I don’t know exactly what has happened.  The number of unique visitors is about right, but the page view count is a little questionable.


Appreciated, but questionable none the less.


Sadly, I don’t have a witty punch line or a thoughtful metaphor to finish this one off.


With that in mind, I’ll just take the queue to….


End it…….


Right about……..



Randy Tharp

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