Worlds Collide And Hearts Will Be Broken

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just a matter of time before we all need to pack our shit and get the hell out of Chrysler.


Why doesn’t that sound right?


Last night, I found myself in front of the tube hitting the ‘back’ button with my properly opposed thumb on the remote control.  The programs of interest gave me the desire to watch both and miss neither.  They served to enlighten and generally edumacate yours truly about a small, yet growing culture in these here United States.


On a side note, the operative televisions within the TharpSter domain do not use a picture tube like the ones taking up space in my garage.  I’ll need to kick the habit of calling them “the tube”.


On one channel, I was treated to the scientific methods and covert operations involved with the illegal manufacture, marketing, and distribution of a corn based substance.


On the other channel, I was bedazzled with the day to day events of a Louisiana family which has gained quite a deal of notoriety from the riches they’ve earned in the field of outdoor sportsmanship.


God bless the Rednecks.


That’s right people.  Wednesday night on the basic cable package pits Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners” against A&E’s “Duck Dynasty”.


Nearly gone are the days where you could go to either of these channels in order to ensconce yourself in all of the wonders of the universe, or thought provoking biographies on the salt of the Earth.


If he were alive today, Jeff Foxworthy would be so proud.

Randy Tharp

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