There’s a relatively dirty movie out there called Waiting featuring the actor-like stylings of Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long, that guy whose name I can’t remember right now, and a host of others.


A sizable portion of that movie explains in great detail why people shouldn’t eat out and complain about the quality of their vittles or service.  The rest of it had the kitchen staff showing each other their junk while on the clock.


I’m not here to talk about that movie though.


I will talk about wood though.


Or a wood-like substance.


I’m currently at the toy store waiting to get a piece of MDF cut to the correct dimension.


That’s right.  I can blog and shop for a piece of MDF at the same time.


I won’t go into details as to why I’m here, save for dropping a few bread crumbs.


  • Weather phobic, high strung, 9 3/4 toed Lab Jack Terrorist.


  • Weather in the region


  • Invisible fence not working as expected


  • TharpSter’s short sightedness in not doping the aforementioned weather phobic, high strung, 9 3/4 toed Lab Jack Terrorist when he was home for lunch dining on leftover chicken and dumplings


Needless to say, today’s foray into verbal brilliance which was destined to be inspired by Lord knows what is being put on hold by the necessity for me to purchase a panel of simulated wood measuring 20 1/2″ x 28″.


Stupid dog.

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