So Why On Earth Should I Moan


Well ladies and gentlemen, I just had an epiphany.


I start a lot of posts with the phrase “Well ladies and gentlemen…..”


It’s Monday the 5th, and I’m back to work in the fabric covered cubicle mine.


I’ve spent a lot of time around the domain over the last week getting some things done.  For all of the blogs I posted this last week, I wrote them all in 2-3 sittings.  I’ve altered the accommodations in the great hall (our living room) by dispensing with a couch and replacing it with a recliner.


For the record, I’ve put the recliner into eternal dibs much like Archie Bunker did with his favorite chair.  It’s a perfect command chair from which to direct Sunday football.  At the same time, the leg rest allows me to prop the feet up to create a lap in which to place my laptop.


I’ve also made some progress in the garage by making room for a freezer chest.  This will come in handy for storing bodies when I eventually snap.  There jury is still out on whether that will be in years, months, weeks, days, or hours.


If I could only find the pick axe…..


In the past, I’ve typically looked forward to returning to Cubeville.  That’s probably a result of the last few staycations being comprised of sitting around and enhancing my hatred for daytime television.


Given that I didn’t really do that this last week, I still have the presence of mind that I could be doing other things.


But no, I have to change my outlook on things.


Unemployment is higher than what the government tells us it is right now.  Hurricane victims are trying to get the basic essentials back into place after Sandy did a number on their homeland.


I’m bitching about going back to work.


It’s not like I need a trip to the Total Perspective Vortex or anything like that.


Like I said before, I just need to change my outlook on things.


The operative word there is “change”.


Randy Tharp

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