Something Evel’s Lurking In The Dark

I’m not really one to celebrate Halloween.  There was a time in my youth when I enjoyed dressing up as assorted super heroes, movie characters, and motorcycle daredevils.


However, gone are the days.


Today, as an adult, I don’t see the appeal.


I don’t participate in the activities at work.  I don’t decorate the house, however I do give out candy.


What’s the deal with glorifying zombies?  What is so big about scaring the pants off of someone by startling them with horrific images of ghosts, goblins, and skeletons?  Why do we dedicate a day to reenacting horrible deaths which have been featured in graphic horror movies?


In my opinion, if people want to partake in the practice, that’s fine with me.  I’m just not interested in taking part myself.




I’m not above posting a picture of a pumpkin I took a few years ago in the pumpkin patch hosted by the Methodist church up the street.

Randy Tharp

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