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Last night I set aside about thirty minutes to do some high level calculations and extreme cyphering in order to come to the following conclusion.


I have four more daily blogs to write for October, thirty to write for November, and somewhere between twenty-one and thirty-one to write for December; depending on the “Save the Date” flier we’ve received announcing the Mayan/Zombie Apocalypse.


I’ve already written and scheduled one for November 7th which features orange hot pants, nerd glasses, and sparklers.


Counting this one that’s not complete (I’m writing it now), that leaves me somewhere between 54 and 64 blogs remaining in order to complete the Letters From The Past series of daily dispatches to an otherwise dull Internet.


Last night, after I posted a picture of a drill with a Q-tip for the bit, Wifey inquired of me as to whether I was going to keep putting the daily blogs out next year.


I usually don’t shake my head violently because it makes my face fat jiggle too much.  I made the exception just this one time though.


Whereas doing it daily has had it’s benefits and shown me a thing or two, it’s also….




Shown me a thing or two.


None the less, I’m driven to finish the process and meet my goal.  There’s yet to have been a time throughout the whole year where I couldn’t sit down and publish a daily post via my laptop or my phone.  That’s even applied when my day was packed up with all sorts of activities which would keep me from feeding the Internet.


None the less, the dailies will continue until the end of the year.

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