Watching The Tide Roll Away

A man sits in a chair with a smart phone in hand, fat thumbing out a blog for the day.


That episode of M*A*S*H where Hot Lips got laryngitis from giving herself a perm is airing on the basic cable package.


That’s right people.  It was during one of the final seasons when the show was about eight years too far gone.


The pit bill is whining and the lab jack terrorist is snoozin’ on the couch.


A command decision has been made to dine in this evening on take out.


This blog shows a lot of promise.


Next week, I’ll be off from the trials and tribulations of Cubeville partaking in a sabbatical of the October kind.


Certainly I have big plans.


I’ll be partaking in my civic duty by voting.


Granted, this year’s election will be decided in the swing states.  The only thing that swings here in Texas is…..




Beyond that, we made a discovery recently that the invisible fence isn’t working as designed.  As a result, I’ll be messing around with that thing next week to get it back into working order.


For those of you wondering what the hell I’m talking about, I’m going to take this moment not to tell you about my invisible fence, or what’s involved in fixing it.


Better isn’t good enough and quality is job one.


Regardless, I’m looking forward to the time off.  The last time I had more than a few days off, I was either moving Junior off to college or standing in the DMV on my birthday donning the organizational dress code.


If the opportunity presents itself, maybe I’ll seize on the occasion to invest in a multi level marketing proposition designed around the promise of quit my job income.  I wonder if such an opportunity exists to market nachos under that type of business plan.


Alas, it probably won’t happen though.


I’ll probably sit around and try to write the swan song to Letters From The Past along with some fictional pieces.


There’s bound to be an October surprise in the works which promises source data for a smart ass remark or two.


Speaking of which, the President of the United States referred to his opponent as a “bullshitter” the other day.


That’s right people.  The man who was going to end the partisan divide, the racial divide and the low standing America has in this world put on a display of profanity in describing his opponent.


I’m sure I’ve told this story before, but I’ll tell it again.  My late Grandfather was an English teacher.  He held the opinion that our language was so vast, expressive, and colorful, that resorting to profanity was nothing but a display of ignorance.


Effin’-A, right?


None the less, Grandpa had a good point.  Bigger picture, I think it’s pretty much beneath the level of the office to use such talk.  Conversely, it fails in comparison to everything else the man has done in the last four years which obtains significantly lower depths than calling someone a name.


So whatever happened to the spandex clad hootchie on the elliptical machine?


I’m glad you asked.


Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Randy Tharp

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