What A Way To Go

Insert a video of Louis Farrakhan rambling about some number right *here*.


Insert a video of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory talking about the number 73 right *here*.


As much as I would like to have posted the videos I mentioned, I just couldn’t.  An initial search for the Farrakhan bit caused my attention deficit and short attention span to relapse.  I purged my RAM immediately and started looking for video evidence which supports all of the hub-bub behind gingham and it’s style.  It’s something I just don’t understand.


I found a one minute video of the Sheldon Cooper bit on the number 73, but embedding was disabled upon request.


At this point, you the beloved reader will be relegated to using your imagination as a preface to the written assault I’m about to place upon you.


Better isn’t good enough, and quality is job one.


Now that we’ve seen (*cough*) pretty darn good examples of the nonsense  around the numerology sported by attention whores and sit-com characters, I think it’s only necessary for me to embark on a journey to discuss the real science behind the answer to life, the universe, and everything.


That’s right people.


This is another one of those blasted blogs about 42.


Just to call something out on a side note, I discovered a podcast today by David Lee Roth.








Inventor of the Roth IRA.


Look it up.


If you think I display colossal volumes of left field bull crap which leaves you wondering just how much of the bong water I drink on a regular basis, listen to this man’s podcast.


Just sayin’.


So let’s consider some indisputable facts about that number 42.


42 is the 24th even number.  Not really, but since we’re operating under the premise that it’s the incorrect answer to life’s ultimate question, I’ll require some leeway here.


2+4 = 6 and the magic of symmetry allows 6 to be the sum if 4+2.


If you take 6 and turn it upside down, you get a 9.


Multiply 6 by 9 and what do you get?




In 1966, a mathematician named Paul Cooper theorized that travelling from one continent (here on Earth) to another could be done by boring through the planet, creating a vacuum within the tunnel which has been dug, and then jumping on in would be the fastest way to go.  The entire journey would take 42 minutes.


Pretty spooky, don’t you think?


Yeah, maybe not.


While you sit there wondering why you spent the last 42 seconds reading this little diatribe, please take another moment to enjoy my latest visual representation of my favorite number.



Good Lord in Butter!  How many more of these daily blogs do I have left to go?



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