It Just Might Spoil Your Victory

Good Lord in butter, people!


Who in their right mind schedules game 7 of the NLCS, Monday Night Football, and a Presidential debate all on the same night?


How is a political junkie who pays attention to an entire football season and the MLB playoffs (as of late) supposed to satiate his desires, nay needs when all of this stuff is going on at once?


Tell me, people!


Fortunately, the wonders of the 21st century allow me to watch all three at once.  At the same time, the laptop lives up to it’s name in my lap as I use the other eight digits at the ends of my hands to dispatch today’s dose of verbal brilliance to an otherwise dull internet.


In other news, I’ve witnessed something in the last few days which further perpetuates continued suffrage of the ill informed.  Sadly enough, it appears on my way to work.  As long as I actually *go* to work, I’m going to have to deal with seeing the damn thing unless I change my route.


In a field, just off to the right there’s a billboard which is set up just on the ground.  It’s not elevated.  It say’s “Stop the Republican War on Women – Vote Democrat”.


Seriously, ladies and gentlemen?


There are two specific events which characterize the so-called Republican War on Women.  They were both started by liberals, and sycophantic minions on the left jumped on that bandwagon and have demonized the GOP with it every since.


Of course you know what the events where, don’t you?


Just as a refresher, the first one happened during one of the Republican primary debates when George Stephanopolous (spelling not checked because I just don’t care) as moderator asked Mitt Romney if he would restrict the availability of birth control.  Romney generally called “bullshit” on the question.  No one had been talking about it during the campaign, and for Snuffaluffagus (spelling and pronunciation probably in question here too) to ask such a question in the debate was purely absurd.


I’ve got to think that the presence of a Catholic on the stage in the form of Rick Santorum gave the left an idea that they could gin up a controversy over birth control.


And so it happened.


None the less, the seed was planted.  Shortly thereafter, a student by the name of Sandra Fluke (spelling, once again, deal with it) testified (bitched and whined) before some Congressional committee that birth control should be made available to the American people free of charge.  It seems like the price on birth control pills comes out to $9 a month.  It’s even cheaper if other methods like aspirin (held tightly between the knees) are used, but that’s neither here nor there.


Zaphod then piped up and dictated that birth control and abortion services would be mandated features of health insurance plans as a characteristic of Obamacare.  First Amendment be damned.


So where’s the war on women that the GOP has been accused of?


At best, its on a poorly placed billboard, and low enough to be tagged.


There’s only one billboard that really needs to be there.






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