Sweet Miracles And Strange Circumstances

Alright now, everyone pay attention.  This one is going to happen pretty quickly.


Wifey is about to call out to me from the other room.  She’ll either ask me to do something, ask me a question in general, or make small talk.


Regardless of the fact that 19 years of marriage is expected to all but banish small talk from the equation, it still happens here around the domain.


It’s the oddest thing.


None the less, I’m here at the laptop doing wonders with sarcasm and she’s in the kitchen doing wonders with a deceased chicken and an oven.  How is that I know she’s about to call out to me?


Naturally, you don’t stay married for this long without picking up a thing or two.


Hang on a sec.


Juniorette is tapping my shoulder.


*pause for effect*


I’m back.


“Mom wants to know if we’re eating together (at the table).”


And there you go.


At one point while I was typing my prediction….


Hang on.  Wifey’s now here with her phone.  Her brother has a new cell number to share with me.


*pause for more effect*


Ok, where was I?


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s as easy as this.  You see the sun come in the east so many times in a row, you just learn to expect it there.  In this case……


*another pause, just because*


“Dinner’s ready.”


In this case, it happens whenever I put the headphones on, crank the tunes, and begin typing.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a contact to update on my phone, and a chicken dinner to consume.


Randy Tharp

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