And The Slogans Are Replaced

And one more thing.

Two actually, but only one of them is about the debate.

“Please proceed, Governor”.

I love that statement. It was the only memorable statement uttered by the President the other night that displayed a pure clarity of thought. Anything else he said was flatulent at best.

It sounded funny at first but it’s essence bore some bad news.

Granted, there was one other statement Zaphod made which opened the door to streets of gold for Mittens. Mitt didn’t capitalize on it though, and he should have.

It all came when Romney called attention to the fact that the President’s pension was invested in a company which is taking things over seas. It seems that Bain Capital is behind it, so the Obama campaign has tried to float a trial balloon on that little tidbit as a potential October Surprise.

“…….it’s not as big as yours so it doesn’t take that long.”

In other election news, it came out today that a Gallup Poll is showing Romney up on the President by several points and sitting at about 52%.

How poetic would it be, ladies and gentlemen, if Romney were to win the election with 53% of the vote?

Give the rest of it to Obama. If my math is right (it usually is),that leaves him with right around 47%.

Randy Tharp

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