It’s Time To Get Things Started

Today’s occurrence of Saturday was the first one in the last month or so where nothing was planned.  

There were no birthday parties or guests from out of town.  There were no appointments or scheduled events.  Instead there was nothing but a basic cable package, reading to do, a blog to write, and lethargy to practice.

And so this morning, I returned to the backyard starter kit with a bowl of Corn Chex, my e-reader, and the pit bull.

As I read a treatise on the secret of flight (which involves falling and missing the ground), I found myself breaking away from my reading to admonish the dog not to consume the strategically placed turds which adorn the starter kit.

As I continue my daytime slumber, I opt to live the high life of sitting around.  I watched the latest Muppet Movie this morning and enjoyed it.

The fact that Animal was in anger management therapy with Jack Black as his sponsor absolutely killed me.

Later on I took the DVD along with a few others back to Blockbuster so as to exchange them out for something else.  Fortunately, the employees behaved and didn’t accost me with excessive deals on candy and popcorn specials or notifications about the used DVD sale.

Sadly, the new releases as of late are pretty lame.

Flashback to the basic cable package.


Murder At 1600.

Catch Me If You Can.

Iron Man.

Even though a couple of those flicks are enjoyable, I think I’ll just go sort out lights, darks, and delicates between hot or cold water and walk a dog or two.

Randy Tharp

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