Take Back Your Ups And Downs

While composing yesterday’s rambling soliloquy about the timing of when the daily blog publishes, I sought out a song which could potentially be relatively apt to the underlying subject matter.  I usually take lyrics from such songs and make them the blog title.


I found the song “42” by Coldplay.


In a few moments, ladies and gentlemen, you’ll understand why I’ve chosen not to post a video of the song here on my beloved website.



You know, of course, that the number 42 is the answer to life’s most important question.  The problem is that no one knew what the question was until a computer took millions of years to figure it out.  Once it did, it turned out to be a poor exercise in multiplication.


If you’ve read my stuff (and I know you have), you also know that I view the number 42 as a metaphor to the flaw in humanity and the need for salvation.


Ladies and gentlemen, if there was ever a point endemic to the meaning of the number 42 to me, it was in that song.


Boy, does it suck.


On a completely unrelated subject, I would like to send a special shout out to those of you who have used Google in your Firefox browser to get here.


I’d explain why I’ve singled you out, but I’ll let some graphs from my statistics page do the talking instead.



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