They’re Just Living In My Head

So we’re 9 months and 10 days (11 by the time you read this) into the year 2012.


The end of the world is a matter of months away and the election is even closer.


The dryer is intermittently buzzing at me every 10 minutes or so, demanding that I take the jeans out of there and rotate some whites in.


The TharpSter LapTop is currently installing updates, so I’m relegated to fat thumbin’ it on the ole iPhone for now.


I had an epiphany today while strolling on the treadmill.  I was listening to a podcast at the time, and heard a superfluous tidbit of useless information about the latest Bond film.


Did you know that a beer company has purchased the alcohol rights to the film?  As such, James Bond won’t be drinking anything shaken, not stirred in the movie Skyfall.


He’ll be drinking Heineken instead.


Speaking of booze and the Germans, I picked up another tidbit from the same podcast.  It would seem that a German booze company is rolling out a product which is poured over the naked breasts of a model before it’s bottled.


Ladies and gentlemen, my email box here at TharpSter.Org has literally been littered with job offers in the last few weeks by a company with an ISP which doesn’t pass the smell test or the Spam filters.  Any job offer that tells you that you can syphon 4% off of the top of a money transfer which is moving through your own personal account is not really one that’s going to offer you the wonderful career opportunities you’re seeking.


None the less, understand here and now that if ANY of those job offers involved pouring hooch over a hootchie……


Spam filters be damned.


But the booze stories from the latest Bond film and the hot nekid* ladies in the land of Hasselhoff were not the superfluous tidbits of useless information I picked up in the podcast.




Instead, the useless information revolved around the theme song for Skyfall, which is performed by Adele.  I heard a snippet of the song, and it sounds like a typical song from a Bond film.


That’s sad if you ask me.


The Bond films took a new direction with the arrival to Daniel Craig.  Sadly, the theme songs stayed on task.


There was something interesting about the release of the song which took place sometime last week at seven minutes after midnight in London.


For those of you on military time or a 24 hour clock, that’s 0:07.


Get it?


When I got it, I had an epiphany followed by a palm sized thump to the forehead.


Ladies and gentlemen, for the nine months and ten days that I’ve endeavored to post a daily blog, I’ve taken steps on a daily basis to schedule around 280 blogs to publish at ten minutes after midnight.


Why schedule the posts at 12:10 (or 0:10)?


I have no idea.  It’s just a number that came to mind when I started Letters From The Past.  It’s not my favorite number or anything like that.


So right then and there on the treadmill, I made a command decision for all remaining dispatches of Letters From The Past.


For those of you who have faithfully picked up my daily posts occurring at 12:10 am (central) every day, I have some sad news for you.


You’ll have to wait an additional 32 minutes for the blog to publish.


For those of you who grab the link from Facebook or Twitter at 6:00 am (also central), you’ll now have access to the link a whole hour and forty minutes earlier.


Lets summarize:


Blog publishes at 00:42.


Links available through social networking at 04:20.


So it is fat thumbed, so it is done.


*When I typed the word “nekid” on the virtual keyboard, autocorrect changed it to the name of my wife.

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