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October 2nd, 2012 came upon us in a blink of an eye.


At least, that is, where the perspective of 11:59:59 on October 1st is concerned.


With the arrival of this day, I find myself sitting in an auditorium waiting for this year’s first choir concert featuring Juniorette.


I like these concerts.  I’ve attended and participated in plenty of them.  I can always tell by the quality of the music on whether the choir director has their act together or not.


So why am I writing about high school choir?


No real reason outside of the subject matter offering a better lead than “there comes a time in every man’s life when…”


Speaking of high school choir, how about that Frank Miller?


You know him don’t you?


Yes, the artist who wrote the graphic novel called The Dark Knight Returns twenty something years ago.


Okay, I know the Dark Knight has nothing to do with high school choir.  I needed a segue.


Frankly speaking, there’s no smooth transition between the two subjects unless you invoke a healthy quantity of attention deficit syndrome.


The Dark Knight Returns is about the return of Batman after a ten year retirement.  I’m not a regular (or even irregular) reader of comics, but I did purchase, read, enjoy, and pack away in the garage my own copy of the book many years ago.


This last week, the powers that be released a video version of the comic (part 1, anyway) to DVD.


I went out and purchased it along with another super hero movie featuring the lovely and talented Scarlett Johansson in skin tight attire and loaded for bear (or bare).


It was awesome.  It probably won’t be packed away in the garage anytime soon.


It’s amazing how the story from all those years ago manages to hold up as metaphorical to current day events.


If you ever wanted to get an understanding of some of the inspiration which went into the different Batman films over the last several years, I would strongly recommend you pick up your own copy of the DVD.


While you’re at it, wander into a high school where the choir is doing their thing some evening.  It can be pretty good stuff as well.

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