So We’ve Been Told And Some Choose To Believe It

I’ve got a zit right smack dab in the middle of the bridge of my nose, and it’s driving me nuts.  It’s amusing to look at for a second or two, but then it’s time to move on.


I would tend to suggest to you, ladies and gentlemen, that it’s time for Family Guy to commit a swan song.


It’s not everyday that I throw a TV review out there, but I’ll make an exception today.  The primary reason for the exception is because I have some sort of muscle strain in my upper back from doing yard work yesterday.  The dull pain reminds me that I’m getting tired and old.


So speaking of tired and old, let’s talk about Family Guy.


Or not.


Earlier today when I started writing this piece, I thought I could make it into a pretty good assessment of how Family Guy has lost it’s edge.  I was going to make the point that Fox has cancelled it on at least two different occasions that I can think of.  Each time it’s been cancelled, it’s come back anyway.


That stuff has already been said though, and I frankly don’t relish in parroting the words of others.


So I’ll leave it at this with a note to the show’s creator, Seth McFarlane, Seth Greene, Seth Rogan, or Seth Myers.  Take your pick and spelling is arbitrary.






Stop milking it.


It’s done.


Turn this one off before it turns into Happy Days or M*A*S*H.


In other news, we’ve got a property tax bill from the Midland County Tax Excessor for $1.47.


Ironically enough, it’s an accurate bill for some property owned by the organization in a county in which we do not live.


We’re trying to think of creative ways to pay it.  The thought of writing them a check, or going on line to pay that and a possible convenience fee serves as less than palatable.


Frankly, I’m not interested in paying a taxing authority a whole $1.47 using traditional, hum-drum methods.  Instead, I’m trying to come up with a different way to pay them.






Hand written “IOU”‘s.


Postage stamps.


A scratch off lottery ticket.


A quick pick.


A video rental coupon.


A stock tip.


A big bag of M&M’s.


Wizard money from that Harry Potter bored game we have (spelled that way on purpose).


Carbon credits.


Quantitative easing vouchers.


So you pretty much get the drift.  Suggestions are certainly welcome as long as they don’t involve the obvious.




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