What’s That Smell?

*sniff, sniff*


What’s that smell?


Chocolate chip cookies.


Just for the record, there are only two people I can think of who are capable of making the world’s best chocolate chip cookie.


If they could make a perfume to capture the odoriferous emanations generated by a simple combination of flour, butter, sugar, and chocolate subjected to a certain number of degrees for a certain amount of time……


‘Nuff said.


With the recent release of IOS 6 for the iPhone, I’ve found myself wandering around my own 21st century version of the Tricorder checking out what’s new.


At this point, I’m pleasantly surprised but not absolutely convinced.


Just to put a test on Siri, who up until now had treated me with all the offal laden attitude consistent with what I could only guess was dysmenorrhea, I asked her a couple of football questions.


Typical man, I know.


The one game I really wanted to watch yesterday was the Texans at the Broncos.  The beginning of the game was not televised because a few early games had gone into overtime.  I could only surmise this was due to the questionable refereeing this year, but big picture, the games in question were close.


Since my beloved Texans and my beloved Broncos couldn’t be seen on TV, I asked Siri for an update.  “What’s the score of the Texans game right now?”


Siri replied with a scoreboard similar to one I could see through one of my apps or even on line.




“…and who’s going to win that game?”  I inquired.


“The Texans are favored by 1.5 points.”


Well how about that?


“What happened in the Bronco game last week?”


“Aside from the shitty refereeing, the Broncos narrowly lost to the Falcons.”


Isn’t that neat.  Siri is channeling TharpSter now.


As the day progressed and I was able to watch football and move the occasional load of laundry, I surfed around the phone seeing if there were any new features I could exploit.


While wandering around the App Store, I ran across an app which had received less than favorable ratings.  To be honest, I don’t remember which app it was.  I looked at so many in several different categories that they began to run together for me.


None the less, the review I read on a particular app was succinct and to the point.


It saddens me to know that someday possibly soon, we will see a headline reporting the fact that poor application development had led to the demise of a programmer with an insufficient imagination.



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