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This last week I watched cable news coverage of the Republican National Convention on three different occasions.  I’ve been watching these things now for over 30 years.  At least I’m pretty sure I have a vague memory of watching Reagan blaze Carter in his 1980 acceptance speech.


Times have changed, and so has the technology.  This time around I used a news channel multi view feature of my basic cable package which allowed me to watch the event on one larger channel on the left with previews of three others on the right.


This allowed me to cycle through the other stations to see what all of the different commentators were saying about the different speeches.


Perspective is a wonderful thing.  I don’t say that from my ability to see four channels at once either.


As far as determining the outlet which provided the most even handed coverage of the convention, I won’t make that assessment until the Democrats do their thing next week.


Regardless, I will go ahead and take the opportunity to voice an observation or two I made while watching the coverage.


On Tuesday, the initial reaction to Chris Christie’s  speech was that it was extremely selfish.  On Wednesday, the same network called Paul Ryan’s speech mean spirited.  On Thursday, they labeled Mitt Romney as a war monger.


At this point, I’m not going to list the network which broadcasted these assertions, nor will I mention the names of the confederacy of dunces involved in the commentary.




Here’s what I’m hoping for with these idgits when next week’s convention takes place.  I want to see them be just as hard on the Dems as they were on the GOP.


When Joe Biden speaks, one of them had better be uttering the words “babbling idiot”.


When the convention parades Sandra Fluke up there as the symbol of the party’s attempts to manufacture a Republican war on women, I want to see the commentators shaking epileptically as they try to contain their collective giggle fits.


And when the President speaks, I want to see the savants charged with providing commentary on the oration to call the man out on his lies, his class warfare, his record, and all of the other divisiveness the man will use throughout this campaign in order to maintain power.


But we all know that’s not going to happen, don’t we?


They will fawn over all of the speakers.


They will buy into the lies which are uttered and take every step they can to perpetuate whatever myths about the different parties are created.


They will be hard pressed to criticize anything that’s said on that podium this coming week.


Just watch.


Randy Tharp

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