Speed Blog Five

All things being equal, let me just say right now that the promise of speed blog five shows a great deal of potential more than speed blog four.


In all honesty, speed blog four was a piece of crap.  You won’t find it here on TharpSter, because I didn’t even bother to write or publish it.


Just sayin’.


Now let’s get on to other things.  I’ve got abs I need to work out tonight.  Granted, with me those abs are considered to be kegs.  So in all reality, I have kegs to do tonight.


Yesterday’s blog backfired on me a little.  Not in the sense that my readership statistics suffered or anything like that.  I would imagine as time goes by, I’ll start to see hits on that particular posting come up as a result of people searching out “Kim Cattrall” on their favorite search engine.


Nope.  The backfire was a little worse than that.


“The sock monkey, right?”  That’s what you’re thinking.  If that’s the case, you’re wrong.  I wish it were that easy.  I could subsequently dispense with my knife wielding nemesis with a swift application of my Issue Management Stick.


Nope.  Instead……


Now wait just a cotton pickin’ minute here.


As you may or may not know, I tend to listen to the tunes on my laptop whenever I do my writin’ and stuff.  The current song count in my iTunes library is 3402.  Typically, I throw on the battery operated noise cancelling headphones (it take’s a AAA battery to mute Wifey), hit random play and let ‘er rip.


Why is it that whenever I use the random feature on there, the same small collection of songs keeps playing over and over again?


I can tell you one song it’s not playing though.  That just happens to bring us back to subject matter of today’s post.


You see, the element in yesterday’s blog that backfired on me today was that song from the video I posted.  I couldn’t get it out of my head for a better part of the day.


Short of beating my head on my desk and asking the sock monkey to carry through with his threat, the thoughts running in my skull today were plagued with that piece of crap.


For any discomfort it may have caused you, my beloved reader, please accept the humblest and sincerest of my apologies.


Now let’s go tap those kegs.

Randy Tharp

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