Saturday In A Thursday Kinda Way

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s Saturday morning.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the TharpSter Pit Bull is doing her part in the circle of life by leaving a little something something in the back yard designed to capture the imagination of anyone with a sense of smell.




As previously discussed at the onset of “Letters From The Past”, I’ve opted to write today’s blog two days ago on Thursday.


That being said, please be forewarned that I’ll be jacking with past, present, and future tense throughout the rest of this entry.  Consider it a display of my artistic license to bring a little excitement to your reading pleasure today.


When all is said and done, all will be a discombobulated mess as we all try to sort out whether I did it, I’m doing it now, or I plan to do it later.


The reason I wrote / am writing today’s blog on Thursday is because I was / will be on the road on Friday.  What does Friday have to do with it?  That’s easy.  I usually write my blogs at night for publishing the next morning.  Since Friday’s planned activities don’t/didn’t show the promise of giving me time to sit down and compose today’s entry, I felt it incumbent to take the time now/a few days earlier to write the post.


Got it?




For those of you worried about the diminished quality of work being extolled in Cubeville today / on Thursday, don’t you worry your pretty little head about that.  TharpSter’s presence is/was not required in the fabric covered box today / on Thursday.


Pretty irritating so far, isn’t / wasn’t it?


Consider what it’s like trying to write it.


So where are we going / did we go?


That is/was easy.


The plan is/was to travel for several hours out of town in order to see the world’s largest avocado.  I plan to take / took a few bags of tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and garlic with me in order to seize on the opportunity that the person guarding the world’s largest avocado will be /was easily distracted by the premise that not only does the Goodrich Blimp exist, but that it was in the sky just overhead in an opposite direction than the world’s largest avocado.


Let me just say this here and now.  There’s nothing like guacamole made from the world’s largest avocado.  It’s up there with getting a potato chip off the production line before it’s ever bagged.


In the process, I’ll be getting / got that infernal stack of miniature appliances out of my living room.


Randy Tharp

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