More Of Nothing

Three on and one off.


Today is the one off.


Typically on my day off from putting a workout in, I find that I have more time to sit here at the genesis of verbal brilliance (aka my laptop) and produce a well thought out blog focusing on any interesting (or lack thereof) subject matter which comes to mind.


It’s been on those days, ladies and gentlemen, that I’ve produced some of my favorite work during this time where I’m trying to put out daily.


I would love to tell you today will be one of those days.


In fact, I will right now.


Today, ladies and gentlemen, will be one of those days.


*Pause for effect*


I would love to tell you that everything you read here on TharpSter.Org is the unmitigated truth as well.


Yeah, not so much.


Sure there are hints of it that creep in on just about everything I write.  Thankfully, the magic of hyperbole and situational ethics allow me to twist it beyond recognition.  This subsequently leaves you, my beloved reader coming to the foregone conclusion that I’m drinking the bong water.  The only real question which remains is what flavor Kool-Aid I’m adding to it.


Yesterday, while I was rifling the Google looking for a picture of Dungeons & Dragons dice, I encountered a website run by an ambitious young soul who intends to write and publish 1000 words a day over a 1000 day period.  He plans to derive his content from Wiki.


Geez, the only time I crank out that many words in a row is when I’m ranting all political-like, or on my days off from working out where I put thought into my posts.


The alternative is for me to sit down and just start writing in hopes of creating a piece of unnerving verbal imagery which inspires you to retweet it or like it on facebook.  If you need an example of such an attempt, you need to go no further than to the top of this page and re-read today’s post with that knowledge in mind.


As if it wasn’t there already.


Anyway, the website in question is


I’ve really got to give it to the guy for putting forth the effort.  Granted, today he’s featured the Sharktopus, so one can only wonder if he’s fishing for ideas too.


That being said, I’ll stop boring you with my writers block.  The pit bull is nosing my arm, so it’s time for one of us to put a muzzle on and go for a walk.


Heal.  Leave it.  Good girl.

Randy Tharp

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