Yeah, That’s Pretty Dumb

There comes a time in every dude’s life when he’s asked that all important question which he just can’t avoid answering.


“If you were a speed limit, what would you be, and why?”


Seriously now people, what the hell kinda question is that?


Just a side note on something I just noticed here.


For the record, I know that the word “kinda” is not a word.  I use it as a literary device here on TharpSter.Org.


Just a side note on the side note.


For the record, I also understand that making reference to the use of literary devices here on TharpSter.Org can be considered highly suspect, as the material has to achieve a certain station in order to be considered literary.  I get that.


Irony rocks.


On a third level of side notes, I also understand that my assault on the English language by using fragments is a punishable offense.  I learned that the hard way over twenty years ago on a term paper about A Farewell To Arms.  That particular literary reference alone should give you a slight hint on where I exhibit the propensity to use long winded, run-on sentences.


Okay, let’s get back to the subject at hand.


If you were a speed limit, what would you be, and why?




That sounds like an ice breaker question that comes up in management seminars designed around building relationships with subordinates.


I was listening to a podcast earlier today while doing a leg workout where the host was reading his viewer mail (for lack of a better word).


At that point, the dumbassedness (yes, that’s a word because I just made it up) increased by a factor of 3d20.  The first offense was the offering of the question.  The second offense was the host’s ill advised choice to read it out loud.  The third offense was the fact that he answered the damn question.


I know what you’re thinking right now.  “Dude, I know you’re all worked up on something really stupid like a speed limit question.  What’s 3d20?”


Understandably, that’s a valid question.  Let’s just say it’s a reference to the 1980’s version of “World of Warcraft” much like the Etch-A-Sketch was a beta version of the iPad.


Sound good?




That’s fine.  I’ll tell you what.


You tell me what speed limit you would be if you were one, and why, and I’ll provide more insight on what 3d20 is.


In the meantime, mine would be 42.  It’s a flawed answer to a flawed question.

Randy Tharp

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