The R..r..return Of The

The r..r..return of the has been a measured success at


Isn’t that w..w..wonderful?


We’ve had it back about a w..w..week now after fighting the insurance company sanctioned mechanic for all of our parts in order to have a TharpSter sanctioned mechanic fix it up for us all right



Of course, I’m sure you r..r..remember the events of July 3rd within the TharpSter organization.  That was the that our high strung, thunder sensitive, ten toed Lab Jack became a high strung, thunder sensitive, 9 3/4 toed Lab J..j..jack.  That was also the day the latest Spiderman movie opened up.  *Spoiler alert*  The did not end with a billionaire flying a nasty ass bomb away from the city in a pure show of self sacrifice, only to survive the big kaboom.  Go back and read that in your best “Marvin the Martian” voice.  It’s so much b..b..better.


One more spoiler alert about the Spiderman movie.  It didn’t feature the lovely and talented Scarlett Johansson in skin tight attire and loaded for bear (or bare), or the lovely and talented Anne Hathaway in skin tight attire writhing in ecstasy on the Batcycle.  It did feature Emma Stone, who’s lovely in her own right.  She’s just yet to put up a roll which forced me to create an auto correct whenever I type her name into my l..l..laptop.


Junior and Juniorette attempted to see that that day, however they were in a minor fender bender which rendered the Jeep undrivable and their pre-purchased movie tickets rather moot.


So now we have the Jeep back and it runs just as w..w..well as it ever did.  The nose is a darker color now.  This is thanks to the other Jeep that signed the organ donor card as it’s straight six gave up the g..g..ghost.


Let’s hear it for organ donation!


So why, you may ask, is the r..r..return such a “measured” success?


I’m not quite sure.  It just seems like the right thing to s..s..say.


P..p..perhaps it has to do with the fact that Juniorette has finished the classroom portion of her driver’s education and is now moving on to the driving portion.  Perhaps it’s because a good sized portion of the driving time involves driving with a p..p..parent.


We took the first opportunity earlier tonight to go driving in the


The success of that particular event was m..m..measured as w..w..well.

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