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Please pardon me for beating a dead heffalump and it’s dwarf lover, but I just have to come back and address an issue I’ve touched on before.


Yesterday I visited the local googooplex with Junior in order to watch The Bourne Legacy.  If my count is right, I would have to say 90% of the movies in the last year (big screen and DVD) have in one way or another featured Jeremy Renner.  It wasn’t on purpose or anything.  It just happened that way.  It would seem that Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is set to step aside for Renner instead.


Naturally, a viewing of the film couldn’t commence without the requisite product commercials (which I generally paid to watch) and a handful of trailers.


I’ll return to the trailer discussion in a moment.  I have a related story to tell you about my garage, also known as “the hoarder’s starter kit”.  This last Saturday, I summoned the gumption to clean it up.  In the process, I found three CD’s I’ve been missing for about 9 years.  Those CD’s are:


  • Creed – My Own Prison
  • Neil Diamond – Live In America
  • Les Miserables – In concert at the Royal Albert Hall


Yes, I have a diverse taste in music.  Given the fact that I work in the financial services industry where my primary focus is diverse investment portfolios (kinda), it seems only fitting.


Let’s call attention to that third CD.  It just happens to be the audio version of the concert I watched on PBS back in 1996 while recovering from surgery on my booger factory (I’ll try to keep it as clinical as possible).  I’ve posted a little over 60 blogs since recounting that particular assault on my nasal integrity, but I’d like to think you remember it fondly.  If you don’t, you can read about it here.


I’ve since imported the CD’s to the laptop, and some of the songs now reside on my iPhone.


That’s nice.


I know.


Let’s get back to those movie trailers.


Something in those trailers  sent a tickle to my nose and chills down my spine.  Initially, I thought it was from the Life of Pi trailer, but I knew better.  Instead, the trailer that got my attention was the one I posted on June 11 for Les Miserables.

The song that Fantine (Anne Hathaway) sings in that particular clip pretty much sums up how bad things are for her at that point in the story.  *Spoiler alert*.  Yeah it’s not like Fantine had any happy endings or hints thereof in this particular story.  Just saying.


Knowing that, the bone chilling tremor which goes down my spine happens at the point in the trailer where Hathaway emotes all of her pain, anguish, and misery.  It’s a far departure from writhing in ecstasy on the Batcycle while sporting skin tight leather and thigh high boots reminiscent of Julie Newmar.


The planets are lining up ladies and gentlemen, and it appears one of those points on that line for me is a barricade in France being held by revolutionaries.  First I find a CD in my garage I haven’t seen in 9 years, and then I see a trailer for the same piece of work.  All the while, it’s happening with Jeremy Renner in the room.


I’m sure if I looked around enough, I could link Jeremy Renner to Anne Hathaway in fewer moves than either of them could be linked to Kevin Bacon.



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