Encrypted Search Terms

Every once in awhile when I’m checking the viewership stats here on TharpSter.Org, I gain some unique insights on the goofy ass stuff you people are entering on your favorite search engine in order to arrive here.

Allow me to speak frankly here.

Good Lord in butter people! What in tarnation are you looking for?

Better yet, how is it that your search engine and that term landed you here of all places?

Recently, I’ve seen a trend where the search term comes up as “encrypted search terms”. For whatever reason, that term has landed my beloved readers on a post called Coming Home.

Coming Home is actually about the surgery my pit bull Hope had after eating the noise maker out of a toy. The punch line of the story was a reporting of what my lab jack Faith said upon perceiving that I was bringing Hope home from the vet. It pretty much nailed down and depicted the hatred those two have for each other.

To use an encrypted search term to find this story initially led me to believe that a reader had been using in-private browsing and dirty words in their searches.

Why are you people using dirty words to find eye candy here?

It turns out that’s not the case though.

If you’re logged into Google and surfing the web, privacy policies necessitate that I’m not allowed to know what words you searched out to get here.

Well That’s Fantastic.

Type something witty and eye catching right here: