Wednesday Knight Rises

So I’ve already seen the movie which has plagued the media and gun rights discussions in the last week.

Naturally that doesn’t stop me from seeing it again. After all, I saw that movie featuring the lovely and talented Scarlett Johansson in skin tight attire and armed for bear (or bare) several times in the theater throughout the month of May and the glorious first 27 days of June.

I sit here now in the theater ready to see the Dark Knight Rises again. You know, the one featuring the lovely and talented Anne Hathaway in skin tight attire writhing in ecstasy on the Bat cycle.


I brought the pot brownie purchased at Freebirds just and hour ago.

For those of you paying attention, that’s the second day in a row that the word “Freebird” has appeared in my blog. Kinda makes you wonder what the word has in store for tomorrow’s dispatch.

So as I sit here ready to view the movie again, I have a few questions from the first time I watched it.

Spoiler alert: the following questions may or may not ruin the surprise for you if you haven’t seen the film yet. That, and Rosebud was a sled. You’ve been warned.

1. Will the kid who kicked my chair last time be here tonight to repeat his offense? There’s nothing like yelling something out during this movie with everyone on edge after what happened in Aurora. His kicking and my response would be doosh moves.

2. Will that pot brownie from Freebirds taste as good as it looks? Yes.

3. Scarecrow appears in the movie. Where was the Joker? I know the real reason from a Heath Ledger point of view. The plot incidents beg for his appearance though.

4. Is that hot wings I smell behind me?

5. Where was the grease paint in the eyes when the mask came off? I’ve been asking that since Batman Returns.

6. What was with the kidnapped senator? Did they need to write that in just to get Catwoman out of a spot when she was sealing the deal on the fingerprints?

7. Did Gordan always carry that speech in his jacket for any sewer dwelling thug to read?

8. Why were there nipples on Batman’s suit but not on Batgirl’s?

That’s all I have for now. I’m sure there will be more later on.

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