Potty, Potty, Potty

Today, ladies and gentlemen, my life is in the toilet.


We’ve got an issue in the commode in the front bathroom here at the domain where the flange (if that’s a real word) isn’t secured correctly to the floor. That means if you’re in the middle of a wild ride due to those spicey enchiladas from last night, the uncertain footing of the porcelain hopper will add to the fun.

I’ll be spending the afternoon with Thor making several trips back and forth to the toy store in order to get just the right amount of duck (or duct, take your pick) tape to hold that sucker in place.

Fun will be had by all, and there will be no shortage of toilet humor and bad puns.

As such, the blog I originally intended to post today which embellishes a joke from days gone by will be put off or another day or two whilst I endeavor to right the potty.

Randy Tharp

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