Three Things To Recall

This one goes out to all of you movie fans who saw the original Total Recall with Gov. Arnie and appreciated it for it’s cinematic splendor.


You know who you are.


Remember how that was one of the first movies which introduced us to Sharon Stone?  Remember how she kicked some major ass in that film which ultimately resulted in a bullet in the forhead and a cheesy divorce line delivered with an Austrian accent?


Remember “Get ready for a surprise!”?


Michael Ironside was an angry badass in that flick too.


How about when Arnie pulled that tracking device out of his nose?




Don’t forget putting an atmosphere on Mars.


Twenty something years later, they’ve remade the movie with Colin Farrell in Arnie’s role.  The lovely and talented Kate Beckinsale is destined for a bullet to the head in Sharon Stone’s role, and Jessica Biel will be playing Melina.


I’m not sure if Kuato appears or who plays him.  Ethan Hawke appears in the flick, however the good people at IMDB haven’t seen fit to reveal who or what he’s playing.  For all we know, Arnie could appear in a surprise cameo.


Given the bent of remade films to change things up a little bit, I would almost bet the subject of a breathable atmosphere on Mars will be cast aside in the latest flick in favor of trying save the Earthlings breathing space instead.


But you really don’t remember that do you?


My mere mention of Sharon Stone in that flick made you say “Really?”


You’re wondering who or what a Kuato is.


Mars doesn’t really ring a bell either, does it?


In fact, there’s only one specific thing in that original movie that you remember.  It’s based on that one single thing that inspires you to go drop some coin on the new one coming out this year.


Go ahead and admit it.


You’re wondering if the topless girl with polymastia will show up in the new movie aren’t you?


We all are.

Randy Tharp

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